How Efficient School Bell Software Can Automate Your School Bell Schedule

Posted by Chomko LA on March 13th, 2019

Communication is an integral part of any running organization that caters to large number of people. A school is one such organization that requires communication such as school bell systems that periodically announce breaks according to time table. Now you have this revolutionary school bell software which is fast replacing the outdated manual system as it has proved to be versatile and convenient for school administration, pupils and faculty.   

Software driven school bell systems have several advantages over the manual bells and one of them is the automation of ringing bells. Earlier we used to ring bells by hand and deployed an assistant to do that. But it never was perfect or accurate owing to human flaw that tend to be unpunctual at times. With this new automated system you experience no such things because it functions like clockwork and ring bells according to the time table and without your assistance.  The system allows you the following distinct advantages to your school organization:

  • It plays sound, alert or alarm at specified time intervals to announce class/school breaks
  • Supports various format of sound files such as MP3, Wave and DMI
  • Will play special sounds for special occasions
  • It is able to store time tables for weeks together and  ring bells at schedule times without manual assistance
  • It would also ring bells for non-standard school schedules
  • The system can be synched to wi-fi to obtain accurate time and according to the time zone you are located
  • It runs on minimal internet band width so is not a burden cost wise
  • The software also occupies tiny amount of hard disk space so does not encroach on available space
  • It can be combined with a school PA system to make announcements

The software as versatile as this is the most appropriate for Your School if you want to be a leading light in the realm education in your area.

Importance of having tower clocks for your town

A clock tower is another invention which is useful ever present and evokes memories that could date back to years. The tower is a monument of your building, street or city’s existence and an important landmark that people will point out and show directions to newcomers. Clock towers have been in existence for centuries and have always been useful as they were purpose built and added as an important decoration to a city/building. It is a complex piece of mechanism that is run by mechanical precision or electronic excellence depending on your choice. The latest versions are from digital technology and can illuminate when it gets dark. They can be obtained in huge sizes thus able to convey time to far distances. A tower clock is also an instrument which can raise the prestige and esteem of your establishment or city.

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