Helpful Tips To An Eco-Friendly Move

Posted by jacksonrathbone on March 13th, 2019

Moving house doesn’t have to be wasteful and harsh on the environment. It is a trying time and it’s easy to take shortcuts, which often result in you spending or wasting money that could be saved.

Follow these handy tips to save your money and reduce your carbon footprint.

When you have moving in mind and are beginning to look for new houses, start hoarding packing materials such as cardboard boxes, bubble or plastic wrap, even newspaper. If the day comes and you have nothing, call your friends, family and even local dairies/supermarkets to see if they have any materials they can donate. If you have used up all of your resources and have no one else to call on, try buying materials that are biodegradable, you can always use pillows and blankets as added padding too.

When you have found your new house and are ready to move, notify all organizations that send you mail. This includes your utility companies, banks, retail outlets and other mail subscriptions. Doing this ahead of time will cut down on waste and save you and the new occupier of your old home time and hassle. To further cut down on paper waste- ask to switch to email where possible

Deal with your unwanted items, don’t just throw them away. A great way to recycle your discarded goods is with a garage sale, you never know what your neighbors are in the market for. Take what’s left to a charity shop, they’ll appreciate the donations and you aren’t adding waste to our landfills. Broken electronics that are unsalvageable need to be recycled properly.

The big house clean before the final inspection is a huge task that often people can’t be bothered doing. Hiring a cleaner is easy, but the chemicals they use are often very harsh and bad for the environment. If you make some time to do the cleaning yourself you’ll save money and have the option to buy products that are earth-friendly.

If you are moving a short distance, try making as few trips between houses as you can. It’s easy to make quick short trips between houses, the  but it’s worth considering the toll the carbon emissions have on the environment. Also, if you are hiring a truck or trailer, try to get one that fits your needs perfectly. It will cut down on fuel consumption, and be cheaper to hire.

Don’t throw away the uneaten food from your pantry. Food that needs to be eaten can be put on ice and taken for the trip to your next home. You’ll have food ready to eat when you arrive and save you from spending money on takeaways. Before disposing of the food you no longer want, see if friends, family or neighbors would like it.

Moving might be rough on you, but that doesn’t mean it should be rough on the planet. By following even a couple of these tips, you can greatly reduce the impact that your move has on the environment and most likely save yourself some money at the same time.

If you want to take the help of removalist company then search on web. You can find various removalists in Melbourne that provide eco friendly move.


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