Netgear WiFi Extender Setup: Fix your Internet Connection

Posted by Bharti on March 13th, 2019

One of the most confusing and irritating problems that everybody faces in today’s modern era is their issues related to WiFi and Internet connection. People complain that they have extra strong wireless signals but they still face connectivity issues regarding their Internet services. During Ip, citizens also face the same trouble and get puzzled about having a plenty of good signals that indicates a good sign, which says everything is going to be ok. On the other hand, they can’t connect to the Internet and configure their devices with each other.

What can you do for fixing such problems on your own?

  1. Verify the position of your wireless router

People take this matter lightly and do not take care of their device and set them in a congested place. But we would say that this s not done, you are not supposed to do this. In order to receive live Internet signals from your main router, you are likely to set it free. Never let your device over-heated and overloaded with large files and data. What next you can do is to take the help of an Ethernet cable and bond your device with the existing modem and plug them out into the power outlet.

Let the LED lights on your device start blinking and do not proceed until the lights are fully stable. Now, with the help of second Ethernet cable attach your router with one of your wired device and go further by launching a web browser and typing the IP address of the device into the paste and go field. If you are still proficient to fix the issue that means your Internet connection has a nervous breakdown. If you have the slow WiFi connection, unplug all your devices connected to the main router, wait for a short while and turn them in again.

  1. Netgear Genie Setup: Optimize your home WiFi network

If the above-given step does not work for you, go for advance services by giving the feature of Netgear Genie app to all your smart devices. Install this app from play store and enjoy its extra enormous feature that will help you in fixing up all your issues. What you have to do to go into this app, launch a web browser type, in the field of address bar and hit enter. After this process, a page will display that will ask you to fill in the login details by default, fill them and land directly to the home page of Netgear Genie Setup. Here you are required to accept all the terms and conditions by keep on going with all the positive responses.

  1. Re-type the wireless security code

Some of the operating system like “Windows” computer doesn’t have the feature of notifying you whether you have entered the login credentials right or wrong but your smart devices do have such feature that they immediately convey it to you that you are going on the wrong path. Similarly, your device will decline to converse with your devices in case you have entered something wrong, miss-typed or over-typed the details. So, if you have cross the limit of the last attempt, don’t worry just re-input the security key by right click on the icon of the status bar, disconnect your connection and try all the process again.

Note- If you are on the third-party hotspot, make sure that you have the actual security details from the WiFi owner.

  1. Confirm the MAC Address Filtering

MAC address filtering identifies individual networking hardware and that can be a problem during setup of a device with an access point. If you want to connect to a network which has this MAC filtering setup feature, then the MAC address of your device should be added to its permission list.

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