Online Exam Software 2019 - Follow Class

Posted by followclass18 on March 13th, 2019

Online Exam Software 2019 - Follow Class

Exam seasons are around the corner and all the ‘gurus’ and teachers have come to the internet to impart their knowledge, tip & tricks on the most assessable place, i.e. their mobile phone,  tablets and laptops. Online exam Platforms are basically places you can visit to know, understand, reach, and access all exam related stuff and get your queries answered. Following are the functions of Online Exam SoftWares in 2019.

  • Notifying upcoming examinations and their schedules – The online exam soft platforms are the places where exam schedules, the form, registration, first and last dates, structure, etc. are found and most of the stakeholders resort to such information sources than the traditional print media.
  • Guiding how to go about various exam related activities – various examinations have forms and procedures specific to themselves as various organisers deem different things necessary, as for some place of origin, or for some preference to various institutions enrolled etc. Thus these platforms let the students and parents alike give step-by-step ‘do-how’ about the forms and procedures and how to successfully enrol, submit or register for the same.
  • Give Comparative analysis and results thereof – so many prestigious exams have either gone completely paperless or at least have the alternative of being so. Thus these platforms let the students understand the structure, marking pattern, previous years’ cut-off range, problems and glitches, warning signs etc. that one must know before entering.
  • Mock tests – since already mentioned, every exam structure is unique and specific to itself, and thus a student needs to be properly acquainted with the structure of the exam, he/she wishes to pursue. Thus, Mock tests available on these platforms come in handy, as they are replicas of what the actual test might look like, with similar working style, time frame and nature of questions, to resemble the intended test. Moreover, a lot of mock tests are of nature that students are made aware of their position and performance not just individually but also in comparison to the lot that it going to do the same, i.e. National level position, State-wise position etc.
  • Reading Material and finer Insights – Various lectures or material are uploaded by internet gurus and teachers on these platform, various exam specific tips and tricks, relevant material separated from hoards of information and finer insights on how to read and prepare for the aimed e4xamination is one of the most essential parts of these platforms and most highly sought after and regarded feature too.
  • Conduction of the examinations themselves – A lot of times, online exam platforms are confused with Online Exam Soft Wares, but one major difference between the two is that latter also is responsible for the conduction of the main exam itself. Various Exam Boards delegate their conduction responsibilities to such freelancing firms who manage and conduct the process from filling out the form to conduction of the examination and displaying the results.

In conclusion, it can be said that the Online Exam softwares are in great demand and of great utility in today’s times. Although a lot of them freely accessible, some of the standard features cost in return of the services and overall are a good source of information. It is advised to the stakeholders to not depend on just one such platform, but use multiple as algorithms prioritize different aspects and to have an overall insight, use of various platforms is preferred.

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