Types of anti snoring products you should avoid

Posted by Atul Sharma on March 13th, 2019

Probably the most annoying habit a person can have is snoring. This is actually not a habit rather an anomaly that often causes a huge problem in a person’s personal life. Snoring is something that not only as a symptom showing something is wrong with your body but also tends to mess with the healthy lifestyle of your partner. It is because of your incessant snoring that will disrupt your partner’s sleep. If he or she is not accustomed to your snoring then her health will deteriorate with time. Improper rest and degraded sleep quality can be very harmful to a person. A psychological turmoil will be witnessed in the person that cannot be overlooked.

This is why it is very important to find out the innate reason behind snoring by consulting a doctor and find the best snoring products to cure it.

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Why we snore?

Before jumping to conclusions, first, we have to know why a person snores. Why it seems to be a great problem with the adults? Why most of the adults tend to snore? These questions need to be answered right away. Snoring occurs when a person falls asleep and his nasal passage muscles lose their tonicity. In fact, the tongue, oral and throat muscles all tend to lose tonicity and relax. Once these muscles relax, the oral cavity and throat lumen reduces. In fact, the nasal passage also loosens and the lumen reduces too. It means that a person will not be able to breathe in air fully without suffering from nasal obstruction.

Once the nasal obstruction begins, the mouth of the person automatically opens. If it does not open, the soft tissues in the nasal cavity start to vibrate vigorously producing immense sounds. The intensity of the sound depends on how the lumen size has reduced. On the other hand, when a person sleeps facing the ceiling, the lower jaw relaxes and opens. When the mouth opens, he stops breathing from his nose. The tongue automatically recedes back and obstructs the throat. This also causes snoring when the air gushes in and gets obstructed by the reduced throat size. The tissues in the larynx start to vibrate causing a loud sound.

This is the reason why adults suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Due to OSA, sleep quality reduces a lot. A person feels extremely tired even if he has slept for a good 8 to 9 hours at night. Snoring can also be caused by allergies, enlarged tonsils, nasal deformity, nasal congestion, polyps, etc. Without knowing the cause, a person should not punch any new medicine or a mechanical prosthetic to stop snoring.

How can we cure snoring?

There are excellent snoring products that can aid us to eradicate snoring once and for all. Once you have identified the specific reason behind your snoring, you can seek medical attention to find the right anti snoring device. There are many devices developed for the snorers that can be considered. Many of them have been proved to be not suitable in most of the cases. Despite the drawbacks, the snorers like to use them to get some good sleep at night.

Here is the list of such items and their drawbacks to help you decide which solution for snoring to go with.

  • Mandibular advancements

These are the simple prosthetics that can be attached or tied to your lower jaw so that you can easily sleep at night without snoring. As mentioned earlier, the snoring problem mainly arises when the lower jaw opens and your tongue goes back nearer to the throat. These mandibular enhancements will ensure that your lower jaw is closed all the time. It can be an elastic guarder or a mechanical prosthetic designed to give the best rest to your jaw. Your upper airway will n collapse and you will find it easier to breathe.

The biggest issue with this type of enhancement is that it really makes a snorer uncomfortable. The enhancement to your jaw is nothing but mechanical support that keeps it from opening. This also means that an external object will stick to your lower jaw all the time. This can be very irritating for a person. It will become harder to fall asleep.

  • Nasal Strips

The nasal strips are used externally to create more space inside the nasal passage. Due to the reduced lumen in the nasal airway, the person’s mouth automatically opens and causes snoring. The nasal dilator is fixed outside beside the nasal septum so that your nasal passage can remain open. This enhancement is also very irritating.

  • Nasal dilator

The dilator is a small plastic device that can be attached to your nostrils. These dilators will keep the passages open and will also ensure a proper flow of air while you are sleeping. The plastic dilator is designed in such a way that it will not enter your nostril. The only problem is that it might fall off and you will start snoring again.

  • Anti snoring solution

The marvelous invention from Asonor is the best among the anti snoring products you can use every night. This anti snoring solution can be easily applied inside your nasal passage. You will automatically stop snoring the entire night. Your sleep quality will improve immediately. This product has no side effects and is clinically proven to be the best solution. It is also easier to use due to its excellent packaging. A few drops every night will give you a pleasant sleep.

Final words

It is necessary to seek a doctor’s appointment to find out the cause first. Even adolescents are also snoring due to overweight and elevated BMI. Finding the right cause will lead to a proper solution. Once you get to know the cause, you can easily solve the right anti snoring products for your snoring problem. To be precise, snoring can be immediately stopped using Asonor. You will feel the difference in the very next day. Sleep well and get rid of your snoring problems once and for all.

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