Three Basic Steps for Kids to Learn Piano

Posted by Music lessons on March 13th, 2019

Who doesn't love music? Music is something that relieves you from the stress of everyday life and helps you ward off psychiatric issues like depression and anxiety. Apart from that it also lifts your mood and helps you to concentrate and be more productive. People enjoy music in different forms.

They play musical instruments or simply listen to music. Some people like to sing and dance, while some would simply put their earphones on and listen to music through their favorite apps and downloaded music.

Which instrument to learn first?

When it comes to music for beginners, many would like to start their journey from learning piano first. As far as basic piano lessons are concerned, there are various methods you can choose as per your convenience. Every method has some pros and some cons.

People also go online to learn to play different musical instruments, such as piano and guitar etc. If you are comfortable with online learning, you can choose some of the best online courses available on the web.

Many of these courses are run by professional musicians, who have years of experience and proficiency in playing musical instruments. Who can teach you music better than those people?

The procedure of learning to play an instrument

When you start learning piano in a traditional manner, you start by playing it by ear. So first you read notes in written format that are specially designed for beginners. The best learning method for children and beginners is to select the musical notes and play that on the instrument.

If you want to understand the melody, you should pay attention to the intervals. The next most important thing is to notice the chords. It will help you understand the player’s chord voicing. So, here is this trinity of music:

A. The melody (intervals)

B. Chords

C. Chord voicing

If you look at the entire process carefully, you will find that it seems difficult in the beginning, but just like the motor movements of our body, you get familiar with the patterns and it becomes easier for you to play the instrument.

It will not involve your conscious brain after some time, and you will be able to play the instrument as if you are driving a car or a bike automatically without even thinking about it.

Importance of private lessons

However, easy piano lessons that are private are far more effective than learning anything online, especially if you're learning to play a musical instrument or a new language.

Of course, classroom learning has its cons as well, such as a little bit higher fee, and the everyday hassle of commuting and beating the traffic. When you attend a musical school, absenteeism is quite normal because of bad weather, class cancellations and sometimes personal issues.

It is also very difficult to attend a musical school or classes in case you are already in a regular course at a university or school. However, if your kid is really interested in learning piano, just Google “Children's piano lessons near me.” This way you will be able to find the best music teachers in your vicinity.

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