7 Reasons to Visit Nepal on Your Next Trip

Posted by Rashmi2021 on March 13th, 2019

The whole point behind travelling is to explore new places. Goa, Rajasthan and other places down south are all too normal. If you are looking for some novel travel inspirations, read the following blog post. It will give you compelling reasons to travel to Nepal. This small yet beautiful country is just like heaven on earth. You can travel here via bus as well as train. You don’t need to spend a lot and can witness natural beauty at its best. You can take a trip to Mount Everest and feel yourself getting humbled by its people. The place oozes charm, wonder, amazement and beauty in every look. Let us give you all the reasons to visit Nepal.

  • Witness the Awe of the Mount Everest:

If there is one mountain in the world that must be seen by all, then it is the Mount Everest. The mighty snow-capped peaks stand taller than the clouds. Nothing but snow everywhere exhibits completely different beauty. You will find a new dimension to the natural beauty there. Climbing it might not be possible, but you can still enjoy the views from many other places. If you are an adventurous soul, join a trekking trip to the base camp. Spend some days exploring the Himalayas and unwind. The backpackers can make the trip affordable with the Via.com Coupons.

  • Live the Kumari Goddess Experience:

Nepal has this tradition in which little girls of a very young age are chosen to be the goddess. They are called Kumari and are revered by everybody. They have to live a very different life and are live goddesses. Exploring the temples and the Kumari culture is an intriguing experience in itself.

  • Enjoy Kayaking:

You can take on kayaking in Nepal if you are already familiar with the sport. If not, you can also learn it there. Kayaking will come with splendid natural views in Nepal. Listen to some old Nepali folk song and learn the basic Kayaking. However, it is always advised to take proper measures while going down to experience this extreme sport. 

  • The Fun of Paragliding:

Enjoy the scintillating views of the Himalayas and snow-capped mountains while paragliding. Ride on the wings of the winds like a bird. Enjoy the green hills, valleys and fields while paragliding in Pokhara. This place is an amazing destination and must not be skipped. The whole experience becomes better with the local legends of Annapurna Himalaya.

  • Visit the World Heritage Sites:

The capital city of Kathmandu is home to the World Heritage Sites as well. Patan, Buddhist Stupas and Kathmandu Durbar Squares are the most notable sites. Patan is also home to the previous Kumari of Nepal. There is much more than just nature and adventure in Nepal to visit and explore. A hoard of historical and cultural legacy is awaiting you. Book your tickets if you haven’t done that already.

  • Treasures of the Chitwan National Park:

Chitwan National Park is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Rhinos are the most famous wild animals. You can enjoy safaris on jeeps and bullock carts (yeah, right.) Spotting the big mammals like tigers will send chills down your spine. Exploring the buffer zones on foot is also an exciting tourist activity. Well, national parks have their own charm and if you’re lucky you might have a closer look of some of them as well.

  • The Everest Experience:

Ahem! Please excuse us if we make the mention again, but it is worth it. If you are travelling as a family with kids, adults and elders, it’s a bonus. If you are not able to climb the Mount Everest, you can easily board the Everest Flights. These planes will offer you the enchanting views of the mountains. You will be so mesmerized by the views that you will simply be lost in its beauty. You can also reach Lukla and join the small trekking party going there. The foothills can be explored without any issue. Lukla airstrip is famous around the world.

Well, all in all, Nepal is amazing!! Adventure, religion, history, nature, culture – it will feed you everything in loads. So, plan a trip using HappyEasyGo Coupons and don’t miss on this exquisite experience.