Top 10 Google Ranking factors

Posted by rashmichaudhary on March 14th, 2019

The ranking of the websites is depending upon the organic traffic through Google and various
other search engines. If you have just started your own website, then your aim should be to
attract more audience.
An experienced website designer helps you in designing the website of your company or blog
as per your requirements. The next move of yours is to do SEO for your website to rank your
website in the Search Engine Results. Here, we have enlisted top 10 Google Ranking Factors. If
you really want to rank your website in the Google Search Results, then you must follow these

Top 10 Google Ranking factors

1. Quality of the Content

Content is still the King and you must publish high-quality contents on your website to help
Google crawl the website quickly. If your blog provides high-quality contents, it will help the
users to gain in-depth knowledge about the particular topic. The same helps Google to
recognize your effort in writing the content. Before practicing anything else, you need to focus
on the quality of content.

2. Keyword in the Title

Keyword plays an important role to get your website rank well in the Google Search Result. For
that, you need to understand where you should put the Keywords. Google loves it when the
Keyword is itself in the title of the blog post. Before publishing your content, you must insert
the Keyword in the title. Or you can design a title containing the Keyword. This will
automatically help your website to rank well in the Google Search Result.

3. Keyword in the Meta Description

Meta Description is also important when you publish a post on your website. Meta Description
can be seen when you search for something on Google. If you put a Keyword in the Meta
Description, it will be fetched by Google itself and shows your post in the top position.

4. The Length of the Content

If the content you shared on the website doesn’t fulfil the basic requirements and knowledge to
the user, it will not impress Google either. Make sure you share or publish the contents with
enough information and knowledge for the users. If the content is informative, Google will like
it and it will rank on the top position itself. Don’t hesitate to publish long and informative
content, Google likes it very much.

5. Image Optimization

Images also play an important role in ranking your website on the top in the Google Search
results. You need to use an image with proper Keywords and tag into the description section.
The images you shared here will directly increases the website traffic.

6. Backlinks

Backlinks are crucial when optimizing your blog or website with Search Engine Optimization.
Backlinks help the users to attract more traffic. This method is old school method in the SEO
community which is still very useful to gain more organic traffic. A Website Designing company
you hired is well aware of the importance of backlinks. They always suggest you to spend your
time in creating backlinks.

7. Mobile Friendly Interface

Mobile users are also surfing websites and blogs through their devices. If you have designed a
website with mobile-friendly design or have used a responsive design or theme, then your blog
will gain extra mobile audience. Eventually, your website will start doing well and it will also
rank well on the Google Search Results.

8. Page Speed

Page Speed is yet another Google Factor which should be optimized by the designer. You need
to focus on increasing the page load speed. This will make your audience stick to the webpage
of your website.

9. Security of your Website with HTTPs

Security is the top priority for Google and for that reason, you have to apply the HTTPs security
for your website or blog. People who use different services of Google can explore your website
and integrate these services without any issues.

10. User Interface of the website

The User Interface of your website should be plain and simple. You don’t need to design an
unattractive website. People like simplicity when it comes to gain some knowledge through
your blog. If the theme or design is not good looking, they will not stay for more time on your
blog. Make sure you use simple and easy to navigate website.

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