VOOPOO X217 Mod with Great Power is Released!!!

Posted by freemexy on March 14th, 2019

first let me correct two things for you, 1 - i do not hate, i dislike, 2 i do need to post rude words as I FEEL like doing so as voopoo x217 feels like posting crap everywhere they go.

you claim you have to do your job and delete these posts, so you saying that your grouping my posts with the other shit posts, THAT YOU do not delete till the thread is shit.

i pity you.

i do not understand your defense of certain posters but pay more attention to just a few.

you claim you want a clean forum but continue your tired old song and dance.

blah blah blah from you.

i did state on my last post in this thread i was done with this shit stream, you brought your spotlight. thankyou for that.

i do not like to say it but discord can be a better solution than a shill forum moderator that does not understand fairness or the right thing.

you all may now throw your attacks at me because i have said what most feel like saying but wont.

this forum will never be clean with Anniepan moderating, it is time for someone to replace her, him or it.

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