When the Transplanted Hair Does Begins to Develop?

Posted by shreyaavenues on March 14th, 2019

Hair loss patients are curious to know about a permanent solution and nowadays, most of the patients are free of all the worries because of the availability of hair transplant in Gujarat. Dr. Kinnar Kapadia of the Avenues clinic say that hair transplant is a scientific solution of male pattern baldness but experts say that it is effective if an authentic surgeon performs this procedure in a proper environment.


Apart from the authenticity and skills of the surgeon, the patients want to be sure about the end of the surgery. they ask several questions curiously and talented hair transplant surgeon generally answers all these questions.

Indeed, the end of the hair transplant surgery is extremely important. The surgeon is fully prepared to handle the recovery period and most of the patents follow the instructions strictly.

Hair growth after the hair transplant surgery takes several months to show full results. Often, the patient loses their patience after the surgery and want immediate and observable results. In most of the cases, it is not possible. The speed of hair growth after the surgery depends on the general health of the patients and the skills of the surgeon.

Let us have a look at the hair growth cycle after the surgery

First 2 weeks:

During the first 6 or seven days after the surgery, the patients may observe swelling on the forehead and at the donor site. Redness of the skin is also possible after the surgery. the tenderness of the donor site goes away after a few days and redness also resolves after 1 or 2 weeks.

After a week, swelling and redness go away completely. The patients may experience crusting on all the transplanted hairs that are generally removed by using a mild shampoo.

After 3 weeks:

At this point, all the transplanted hairs shed and this shedding of the hair is a normal process. Hair shedding after the surgery shows the response of the body to the trauma that the body experienced during the surgery. the patients must know that only outer hair shaft falls but not the hair follicles.

1 month to 4 months:

This stage is the resting phase of the hair follicles. After the start of second month, hair gradually starts to come out. However, these hairs do not show optimum thickness and density.

4 months to 6 months:

At this stage, a considerable amount of growing hairs can be seen. The hairs are thick and the height will be over 3 inches. At this point, the donor areas is completely healed.

1 year:

At this phase of hair growth, nearly 80% of hair growth is possible. Most of the hairs are supposed to emerge from the scalp.

This is the full hair growth process after the hair transplant. If you are going to have the hair transplant in Gujarat, you need not worry about the results because of the high success rate of the Avenues clinic.

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