Virtual Reality is the game changer in universities

Posted by sandeepdharak on March 14th, 2019

Virtual reality is definitely considered as one of the most talked about new-age technologies in the world of education. Being one of the hottest edtech techniques, VR has changed the way the educational industry functions. The key factors that has led to the success of VR in the education industry is that it is benefiting all, the students, the teachers as well as the institutes. With the help of VR students get the opportunity to learn any subject, from any teacher they wish to, irrespective of the geographical boundaries. At the same time, when it comes to the educational institutes, it’s the same. They are able to provide educational services and a wonderfully ‘live’ kind of an experience to students across the world.

How is Virtual reality empowering the education industry?

As we know Virtual Reality is nothing but a thorough immersion experience. It shuts out the physical world completely. With the help of VR devices like Google Cardboard, people can easily move to animagined environments. When it comes to the use of VR in the field of education, the same is possible. With the help of VR students get a chance to completely emerge in a subject. There are various VR based programs which are extensively used in the classrooms to improve the experience offered to the students.One of the best ways through which VR is improving the education game is via the mobile applications.

Visualize concepts which were earlier restricted to only imageryin the textbook have moved beyond with the help of the education applications. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that VR is transforming education completely. Virtual reality is used extensively in the world of gaming and now, it is used in the world of education as well. In fact, a plenty of educational institutes have started trialing VR to offer new, engaging and intuitive techniques of teaching and learning.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are revolutionary additions to the education world
The inclusion of AugmentedReality and Virtual reality in the world of education has enabled the students to learn interactively. And, the best part about AR and VR is that they are not restricted to any specific age group. Therefore, VR is started to be used in various institutes as well.

Though, at present, VR is present in completely artificial environment. In order to create aVirtual Reality application, first of all, we would have to create an all-inclusive environment. Though, if successful VR apps are created, they offer a much more real experience than anything else.

However, VR and AR can be used from schools to colleges. VR apps and gadgets will make it smooth to enjoy an immersive experience of any subject. Also, a 360-degree view will help to get a lot more realistic feel and the learners will feel as if they are a part of the virtual environment. Additionally, VR will make it very convenient for the leaners to explore any subject in detail, and it will lead to a much more concentrated environment. And, the best part about VR is the complete sensory experience. Hence, the students would be able to virtually touch, see and even hear the content together, using sensors.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have turned out to be pretty beneficial for the universities and other educational institutes

In educational institutes, VR can be integrated in several ways. One of the best way to use the power of VR is by setting up Virtual labs. These labs are interactive environments which allow the learners to conduct simulated experiments centered on the real-world phenomena. This makes it easy for the learners to interact with even apparatus through a computer interface. Also, VR makes it easy for the learners to make full use of thee-learning platforms. Also, the engagement levels are amplified through VR as learners are able to directly interact with study material.

As, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality seem to be the game changers, thus, many institutes have started making use of such technologies already. However, it is believed that the application of VR is going to get really high in the coming future as the technology seems to be very promising.

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