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How to Clean Concrete Basement Floors

Posted by snicholas538 on March 14th, 2019

Most people who do not have finished basements have concrete floors.  Yet many new homeowners do not know how to clean concrete basement floors.

Clean Concrete Basement Floors

Some people may not think that you need to clean these types of floors, but they really should be cleaned often. If you use your basement for storage and laundry tasks, then maybe just a sweeping will do followed with a damp mop. You could use hot water and simply mop the floor, some people recommend using cold water but depending on how cold it gets down there, that may not be the greatest idea. Knowing how to clean concrete floors will come in handy in the event of a sewage backup into your basement.

After you sweep the dirt off of your floor, do not soak it in water. Use a damp mop goes over the floor in the basement to get the excess dirt up. If you want more of a clean feel then you can use an all purpose cleaner or bleach and dilute with a little bit of water and then mop. Do not soak the floor, just lightly mop the floor. Using the cleaner or bleach will kill any bacteria that may be forming on the floor.

Another good method on how to clean concrete basement floors is by using a very mild soap and some hot water. Using soap and cold water will only make your job harder. Cold water is known to leave behind a soap residue. Hot water is much more effective and should be used with a mild detergent.

Knowing how to clean concrete basement floors will help you to tackle your major cleaning responsibilities. Check your local Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne company and see if they have anything industrial strength to clean concrete floors if these methods don't work for you. Many of Professional tile cleaners help you out.

Keeping your concrete basement floor clean is just plain smart. You don't want to be tracking bacteria from it all over your house with your feet.

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