Jilian Plastic Mold Innovative Pet Preform Mould

Posted by nicolepreform on March 14th, 2019

At present, the development speed of medical pet bottle containers in China is relatively fast, but it can be seen through careful observation that the reason for this rapid development is mainly due to the quality of the pharmaceutical pet container and the introduction of GMP transformation into China. On the one hand, this key factor indicates that the development of medicinal pet bottles is an inevitable trend. Another point is that there are certain problems in the production and development of medicinal Pet Preform Manufacturers in China.

First, there are mainly lack of strategic issues, and the level of intensification is relatively low. Some manufacturers of medicinal pet bottles are basically appearing in many pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in addition to the original glass washing containers, using pet containers. This situation is very likely to cause short-lived consequences. In a short period of time, a large number of pet bottle manufacturers have appeared, and they have faced bankruptcy in a short period of time. In the field of medicinal pet bottle development, the average enterprise is in a spontaneous state, and there is no macroscopic consideration.

Second, only the unilateral promotion of enterprises In recent years, the production and development of medicinal pet bottles in China has been relatively rapid in terms of quantity and scale manufacturing, but as a whole, it still follows the footsteps of others. And there is almost no sense of innovation in patents.

Third, the management factor is relatively low The primary factor is that many medicinal pet bottle enterprises have not been able to meet the standards in terms of quality specifications, and can not be compared with the international level. In addition, the detection of medicinal pet bottles is also relatively backward. There are some quality problems in some medicine containers. However, due to the sealing performance and poor penetration performance of pet bottles, the drugs are expired, effective, and even occur. The main reason for the chemical reaction is that the inspection instruments and inspection standards for medicinal pet bottles are not in place.

Welcome to choose Jilian mold, we are experts in this field, we can tailor the Pet Preform Mould according to your needs, to ensure that our products can satisfy you, so that our brand can have in the market Broad development. 

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