India Growing as a Popular Destination for Educational Tours

Posted by maheshm on March 15th, 2019

India Growing as a Popular Destination for Educational Tours

India is a lot more than the epic marvel Taj Mahal in Agra. The country has grown economically, academically and technically over time. The stable economic stand has given India an important position in being a destination with educational institutions, pioneering education, and rich culture. In these institutions, English is the primary mode of instruction enabling the students to grow mentally, academically and emotionally to take over the world.

To our surprise, there have been several educational tours in India from different countries like America. Students from across the world come to India for graduate and postgraduate courses. The point is what makes India the favorite destination for educational trips? Read on to get the answer.

English Dominance

Indians, from the very beginning, have adapted English – not as their mother language but the global language has been an important part of India in the educational and professional system in the country. It is one of the reasons why India is ahead of other nations when it comes to education.

In India, the medium of instruction in most schools and colleges is English, which lacks in several European and Asian countries. This results in limited knowledge of English in Asian and European citizens. This further leads to barriers of cultural interaction, communication and understanding in these countries during educational tours whereas India has come a long way in English dominance in the education system. Thus, it makes an ideal destination for educational trips for students in India from across the world.

Hospitable and Warm locals

Another reason behind India being the hotspot of educational tours is the friendliness and warmth shown by the locals towards foreigners. Indian citizens always embrace guests or tourists with open arms and this shows their warm hospitality for the students visiting the country for educational purposes. Indians strongly believe in “Atithi Devo Bhava” which means “a guest is God” in English.

The friendliness showered upon the visitors let them interact and understand Indian culture much easier than expected. In fact, it is great fun for tourists and students to communicate with innocent and friendly locals. For them, it is a matter of great honor that a guest from abroad stays in their house.    

Colorful and Diverse Geography

India has a lot to offer the tourists when it comes to representing its diverse land combined of deep ravines, high mountains, deepest valleys, white sand beaches, thick wild forests, archipelagos, reefs, dry plains, steep slopes, coasts, gushing waterfalls and rivers, productive farmlands, deserts, and several other natural wonders.

The country has a strong geography which attracts students from all around the globe.  The educational travel companies in India offer perfect itineraries to foreign students that include various natural wonders having educational importance as well.  The serene beaches of the South, the Himalayas in the North, tribal territory towards East and deserts in the West all this makes for a kaleidoscopic tour of India for interested students.

Technology and Medicine Capital

It was an Indian Mathematician, Aryabhatta to invent zero – the core of Modern Mathematics taught across the world today. India has become a master in technology and medicine – pick any technological powerhouse like Apple or Google and you will find Indian names in the list of its topmost hierarchy. There have been great Indian scientists creating new technological researches and studies.

The prestigious technology institute of India, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) needs no introduction today. It is one of the first schools of technology in the world. Search for the top doctors in UK or USA and you will find Indian names popping on the search results pages of Google. Educational tourism in India has achieved new heights by introducing foreign students to the study or various disciplines of technology and medicine that helps educate them in the field.

Educational tours from the USA

Due to the strong ties between India and the USA and the positive marks Indians have left in the important fields in the US, the US students show increased interests in taking an educational tour of India. You will find various offers of exchange programs from colleges and universities of America to India.

The steady growth in a number of study tours to India from the United States of America is not just improving the economic and cultural ties between both the countries but also creating international limelight of India in terms of education. And what the US does is automatically followed by other countries. India is welcoming visitors from other students for educational tours.

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