Tree Grates ? A Creative Addition To The Urban Space

Posted by Shrikant Sharma on March 15th, 2019

Tree grates are decorative pieces in urban landscapes, which are constructed to cover tree roots and safeguard pedestrians from tripping over. Tree grates serve multiple purposes, right from helping maintain healthy oxygen levels in the city by increasing the tree cover, enhancing the cause of beautification of the area, avoiding soil disintegration and preventing pedestrians from walking without obstacles. Local governments of many major cities have implemented their use in the city premises over the years.
Tree grates have proved to be of crucial importance because of the ever expanding nature of modern cities where there is little scope for ecological balance as the demand for new infrastructure is monetarily driven. Making proper use of tree grates and other urban tree planting and protecting products will help retain the forest cover scenario into an urban setting. They also help prevent the trash and litter from entering the area allotted for tree growth.
When you talk of street furniture and the city is Dubai, the first and foremost name that comes up is of course Bluestream. Bluestream has a great reputation that it has built up over the last 2 decades by helping improve the city infrastructure and being innovative in providing products and services that has helped shape Dubai the way it is today. Bluestream is involved in constructing street furniture like tree grates along with play equipments and other public infrastructure. They partner with clients in developing ideas to make public spaces more alive. They have an international group of associate architects and construction professionals who bring unmatched expertise to projects.
Design is a critical element of every project and Bluestream takes pride in their capacity to aid projects on this matter. With a regional experience of up to two decades they have a true understanding of designing elements that embody local influences. Tree grates can be made in various designs and shapes and Bluestream customizes them as per the requirement, also depending on the material used, iron or plastic.
Bluestream has been building tree grates in Dubai and have been doing a great job over the years, without a drip in their standards ever having maintained them at extremely professional and consistent levels.

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