Impact of Key Factors on the Growth of Global Parchment Paper Market by 2027

Posted by Shashii Pawar on March 15th, 2019

Parchment Paper market: Introduction

Parchment paper is a high density, natural, and non-stick paper which is used to bake food products in the conventional or microwave oven. The paper is safe to use in the microwave oven up to 420 degrees Fahrenheit. It is produced by the parchmentizing process which includes the process of passing the paper through sulphuric acid or zinc chloride, which causes the fiber of the paper to swell and then the paper becomes dense, translucent, and greaseproof and possess good wet-strength characteristics. The paper offers convenience to the bakers such as easy clean-up and easy transfer of food items from pan to cooling rack.

The parchment paper is used in the variety of applications including baking, roasting, reheating, and wrapping of the food items. The parchment paper is generally made from the unbleached chlorine-free greaseproof paper which offers high density and non-sticky characteristics to the paper. It is generally available in the pre-cut form and could be used conveniently during the cooking process. The paper could also be used for cooking and roasting of the chicken, seafood, and vegetables. The parchment papers meet all the regulatory compliances including FDA approvals. The paper is widely used by the bakeries, restaurants, caterers, and individuals.

Parchment Paper: Market Dynamics

The increase in disposable incomes of the middle-class households to buy convenience products such as parchment papers is driving the parchment paper market. The consumers are preferring products which offer easy clean-up and easy transfer characteristics during the cooking process. Also, there has been an increase in the consumer habits to spend more in the restaurants and bakeries which will further fuel the parchment paper market in the near future. Due to the high cost of the parchment paper, it cannot be used on a daily basis by an individual which restraints the parchment paper market.

Also, the production of the paper may result in the deforestation and indirectly harms the environment. The trends observed in the parchment paper market are the use of chlorine-free paper to reduce the harmful effects on the environmental. It is noticed that due to many environmental risks involved in the production of the parchment paper, it is no longer made in the North America. There are lots of opportunities in the parchment paper market for the new entrants to open new manufacturing facilities in the emerging countries such as India, China, Brazil, etc. where penetration is very low and is expected to increase several folds in the near future.

Parchment Paper: Market Segmentation

Parchment Paper market is segmented as follows-

Parchment Paper market segmentation by paper grades– Bleached,Natural,Resin Treated,Others

Parchment Paper market segmentation by end use – Seafood,Chicken,Vegetables,Others

Parchment Paper Market: Regional outlook

Geographically, the global Parchment Paper market is segmented across following regions- Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, North America, Latin America, Middle East and Africa. The demand for Parchment Papers is expected to increase in Asia-Pacific due to high demand for convenience products in the food industry. The European region is expected to be the largest market for the Parchment Papers due to the high penetration of the consumer demanding convenience products in this region. The North America region is also expected to gain market share in the Parchment Paper market due to the slight increase in demand for parchment papers in the region. The MEA and Japan also offer untapped growth potential for the Parchment Paper market.

Parchment Paper Market: Key players

Some of the key players in the global parchment paper market are Reynolds Consumer Products Inc, Paterson Pacific Parchment Company, AMOL Group, JK Paper Ltd., and Black Label Paper Company.

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