How Data Analytics Gives You A Sharper Nail

Posted by umaprasad on March 15th, 2019

Many CMOs rely on some data gleaned from market research they do, but primarily rely on experience and gut feel, when asked to determine what products and services customers may want and like.

Obviously, this makes their marketing efforts not so effective. With big data analytics, data reports provide leads that can help marketers understand customer behavior more accurately.

A new form of data analytics is helping CMOs understand precisely the needs and preferences of their target groups. Instead of linearly collecting data, the new approach utilizes circular data analysis.

For every like or re-tweet of potential customers to a brand’s Facebook or Twitter page, this data analytics system processes the crucial metrics and sets aside specific parameter.

This brings together the understanding of customer behaviors, shopping activity, and preferences for a product, service or brand onto a single plane.

Data Analytics – The Better Way

The ultimate goal in utilizing big data is to understand what data is valuable to your marketing goals.

  1. Big data can help enrich your marketing model and customer engagement. Helping marketers understand how to personalize a customer’s shopping experience and undertake a more personalized approach.
  2. Data Analytics point out the existing marketing flaws and indicates market trends that they may not be currently addressing. Giving marketers more insights about their weaknesses and which direction to take and make the brand more customer-centric.


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