Looking for a permanent form of original presentation or original gift?

Posted by graphicsdigitizing on March 15th, 2019

Before digitizing, you need to carefully analyze and plan individual design shapes. Shapes must be clearly defined so that they can be easily embroidered. Optimum shapes have a relatively constant width, smooth edges, no sharp corners and no too small, protruding details.

Looking for a permanent form of original presentation or original gift? We can realize your ideas with the help of modern and efficient technology for applying logos, texts and motifs to textiles. The pattern is embroidered directly on textile goods and becomes an integral part of it. The embroidery fits and is used for most types of textile materials. The motif can be embroidered on a single part or already finished textile.

If you're not experienced in Custom Embroidery Digitizing, don't use complex illustrations. Possible sources for appropriate illustrations are:

  • Embroidery pattern books and children's fairy tale books.
  • Business cards, postcards and wrapping paper.
  • Clip art libraries for your text or graphics program.
  • Internet or CD clip art library.
  • Samples in Easy Design folder
  • Own illustrations - e.g. children's drawings.

There are two basic modes of design in Easy Design:

  • Graphic: This mode allows you to create or edit graphic designs using CorelDraw® Essentials.
  • Embroidery: This mode allows you to create and edit embroidery designs using embroidery digitization tools.

When transforming an illustration into embroidery, you follow shapes and lines using digitizing or "input" methods. It's possible to Digitized Embroidery Designs with automatic conversion and customizes the details with our Digitizing services.

Where to use embroidery?

  • Work wear
  • Club signs, range for fans
  • Clothing - bathrobes, shirts, hats, trousers, jackets, ties…
  • Textiles - bathrobes, dishcloths, potholders, aprons, blankets, curtains…
  • Overalls, leather jackets
  • Handbags, backpacks
  • Car seat covers
  • Dog suits, lairs
  • Notebook, tablet, cellphone covers


Do you have a creative spirit and like to wear unique pieces? Our shop offers you the opportunity to design original clothes. We offer the possibility of printing T-shirts, sweatshirts and half-shirts. You can edit pre-made images or insert your own photos or images. You can also insert text and choose from several fonts.

Printing can be done in four locations

  • front
  • back
  • right sleeve
  • Left sleeve

Our team of professional graphic designers will advise you on the implementation of embroidery so that the final product meets your expectations.

For more information drop us a mail at:-Sales@graphicsdigitizing.com

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