How Native Transcribers achieve the accuracy while transcribing a Project?

Posted by johnsonsmithson on March 15th, 2019

Transcription services pose no problem to native speaking transcribers. They communicate using the language in their daily activities and familiar with jargons, colloquialism, and cultural glitches. They are at home with the alphabets avoiding incorrect entries.

This will complement their typing speed of 100 wpm without mistakes. Punctuations are used to lay the groundwork for a flawlessly written communication. Commas are used to signify pauses and periods are placed at the end of sentences. Their pair of ears were trained for deciphering; inaudible words can be replaced. This will complete the sentence of the language transcription and maintain the message of the recording.

3 Uses of Transcription Services

Basically, transcription services any sound in a recording into a written text.
Do you know it has many uses? Here are 3 of them:
Audio transcription in an interview recording can be used as a reference. Paper prints can be reviewed by the hiring company by going over answers of job seekers. The one that matches criterions for the vacancy gets the position. Video transcription is an input for captions or subtitles. The spoken words can be embedded in video material to reach out to viewers with hearing impairment. In places where the sound is turned off, viewers can still understand the video with the words streaming across as the actors speak. Marketing strategists hire professional transcription services for their SEO campaign. Words in an audio or video can’t be recognized by web bots. The transcribed documents are inserted with keywords to click bait customers.

Factors that determine the rate of transcription services

Different companies have a diverse approach in determining transcription rates. This depends on

• Audio length. Some companies charge by the minute and others by the hour.

• Audio quality. Substandard audio is pricey than audio with good quality.

• Speaker’s identification. Most transcription services provider offers FREE speaker’s identification for 3 persons. An additional charge for over 3.

• Language. Add-on cost for rare languages.

• Turnaround time. Pay an additional fee for the rush and super-rush services if you want to meet your deadline.

• Time stamping/Time coding. If you want to know the duration of the person who speaks you have to shell out money.

Enjoy a Professional Transcription Services provider
Often, transcription requires translation or captioning/subtitling. Other services are vital like voice over, video production, editing and more. Professional transcription services is a one-stop solution for all online needs of a client. For transcription services, they have gathered the best native speaking transcribers and can do this in any language of your choice. These are individuals who have skills better than an average transcriber. For an offline recording, a typing speed of 100 wpm without mistakes is a requirement which is categorized as excellent. Transcribers who are assigned real-time transcription work has a typing speed of 200 wpm. There is no room for mistakes; this will be used as captions or subtitles in the live broadcast. Relieve yourself of stress by partnering with a professional transcription services provider; they always do it right in their first try.

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