Orthodontics: Types And Characteristics

Posted by Jakeslessor on March 15th, 2019

Are you thinking about correcting your teeth with orthodontics? Then you will be asking what are the different types of Affordable Orthodontic Care that exist, as well as the characteristics, prices, effects and duration of them. Do not worry because in this post we share with you some essential notions so you can have everything a little clearer.


Orthodontist Around Me can tell you which type of brackets are good for you.

 Conventional brackets

These are the so-called lifelong brackets, which are placed in the vestibular part of the teeth (external face of the teeth, the part that is seen).

There are three types of conventional brackets

  1. Metal brackets
  2. Self-ligating brackets
  3. Sapphire brackets

 Metallic Brackets

These types of brackets are made of metal and carry ligatures (the gummies that are put in each bracket), are the most traditional.

The main disadvantage is aesthetics and its main advantage is that they are the most robust and the most economical treatment.

 Self-ligating brackets

Their main characteristic is that they do not carry ligatures; instead they wear a cap that grasps the arch wire, achieving the union between both and allowing faster movements in the tooth due to having less friction. (These brackets deal by Good Orthodontist Near Me are also known as self-ligating or low friction).

Advantages of self-ligating brackets

The main advantages are:

  • The aforementioned low friction therefore can slightly lower the orthodontic times.
  • Absence of ligatures, with which hygiene is something better.
  • Spacing of appointments, we can give longer appointments than with other systems.

Brackets of Sapphire

The brackets are made of completely transparent sapphire crystal, so they take the colour of your tooth and go much more unnoticed than metallic ones.

Main advantage of sapphire brackets

They do not stain with food and remain completely transparent for the entire duration of the treatment, unlike other brackets that are sold as aesthetic, as in the case of ceramic or porcelain brackets, which over time are dyed and turning yellow

 Invisible orthodontics

Of recent appearance in the market, the invisible orthodontic technique by Orthodontic Care Specialists as it is the case of Invisalign.  The main characteristic is that almost nobody will notice that you carry an orthodontic appliance.


It consists of a sequence of transparent splints, which are made to measure for each patient and thanks to a program called Clinches, generates a replica of your mouth in 3D and we can see the final result of your treatment by computer.

Splints the change from time to time, making small movements with each ferrule and so are placing your teeth to achieve the smile you seek.

Advantages of Invisalign orthodontics

A great advantage of Invisalign is that it is removable, you can remove it to eat or to brush your teeth, which makes it the most comfortable and hygienic option of all existing.

The other great advantage is that they are barely noticeable, and at the aesthetic level they are the best option, since they hardly affect the patient's self-esteem.

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