Tips for handling Common Dental Emergencies!

Posted by ltdcare on March 15th, 2019

Emergencies always strike at a time when you expect them the least. The same thing can happen with a dental emergency, which can also strike anywhere, anytime without any warnings. Now if this emergency strikes you when you are far away from proper dental care, you could get into a whole lot of trouble. But if you have prepared yourself in advance to handle the consequences of this dental emergency, you would be just about fine. Being prepared for handling sudden dental emergencies would give you the convenience of dealing with them as soon as possible, so that you could go back to the plans you had made for the day.

You can always visit a dental care facility later on to seek expert advice and treatment for the flared up dental condition you faced earlier. Yet, if you want to be well prepared for dealing with any dental emergency on the go, you should also have a look at these time-tested tips given below, which would be pretty handy in taking care of most common dental emergencies.

A severe toothache

If you experience severe toothache and there is no emergency dentist around, a quick remedy would be to rinse your mouth with warm water and floss your teeth to clear any trapped food items. If you notice swelling in the area, you can use a cold compress on your cheeks from outside and take a pain reliever to ease the pain. If you still experience considerable toothache afterwards, then heading to a nearby dentist would be better. The dentist would check the problem and may suggest tooth extraction as well, if tooth is infected beyond repair. 

A broken or chipped tooth

If you break a tooth, then a quick solution will be to rinse your mouth with warm water and use cold compress on cheeks to dull the pain you are experiencing. Afterwards, you can visit an emergency dental care facility in your area and get a proper treatment for the problem. If the chipped tooth is spoiling the appearance of your denture, then you can also go for cosmetic dentistry to address the problem.

A Knocked-out tooth

Getting a tooth knocked out of the socket is also possible, which would need you to take immediate action if you don’t want to lose an original tooth. In such a situation, you will need to rinse the tooth in running water without scrubbing it, and put it back in the socket where it belongs. If the knocked out tooth does not fit in the socket, then put it in a bottle of milk and rush to your nearest Toledo dentist within 30 minutes. Only then you will be able to save your original tooth.

An object stuck between teeth

Getting an object stuck between the teeth can be quite discomforting. In this scenario, you should take out the object with floss without causing any damage to the gums. Although you might want to use a sharp object for removing the object, but it will be better if you don’t.

Dental emergencies can strike anytime, anywhere without any warning. But if you have prepared in advance, you will have better chances of dealing with these emergencies with least amount of discomfort.

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