Physics vs. Chemistry

Posted by davidsmithjd on March 15th, 2019


These two subjects are an example of how two things can be so similar yet so different. They have a number of similarities and differences. Each subject is unique in its own right. They may be all branches of the sciences but each has something that distinguishes one from the other. Physics tends to lie more on the mathematical side of life. It focuses more on trying to break down the universe and explain it using mathematical formulae and laws. Chemistry on the other hand concentrates on the states of matter and how these states change over time under chemical reactions.

Chemistry easily separates itself from Physics once matter is divided into atoms and molecules. The major outstanding difference is that chemistry is built on deriving its principles from experimental observations.  For instance, in order to discover that iron rusts when under moisture or sunlight, an experiment had to be done where iron is exposed under these conditions so as to come up with the principle.

Chemistry studies properties of all organic and inorganic matter. The chemical composition of matter is of interest to those that study chemistry as they want to unpack the theory behind it. Physics although also studies matter, its main concern is to discover why matter reacts in such a way. Both subjects therefore study matter but all have different goals on their reasons. People interested in the study of Physics the universe with the goal of coming up with basic principles that revolve around these forces and why they work in the way that they do. Chemistry studies matter but the main focus is its reaction in terms of molecules and atoms.

Whereas this theory may seem to be untrue, when you look at it, it somewhat makes sense. When it comes to chemistry, problems are solved quite easily. Time is spent in the lab to discover how a certain phenomenon works. It might be a complex problem but using the already existing simple methods at hand to find a new answer is normally what is used. When it comes to physics, a simple problem usually warrants complex methods. It therefore follows the theory that chemistry problems are solved easily compared to physics.

Chemistry heavily relies on experiments that are carried out in the lab. Most chemistry problems are solved with mixing of chemical liquids in different quantities to come up with a solution that justifies whatever claim is being made. Physics on the other hand heavily relies on mathematical equations and formulae to validate its claims. You may have noticed that most Physics phenomena are defined accompanied by an equation while most chemistry phenomena are accompanied by a mechanism that leads you to the answer.

Physics studies both big and small things. Its main concern is the properties of the system. For instance, how an atom came to be. If it were chemistry, the main concern would be how it reacts when it interacts with certain solutions. The reaction will then be able to give a clear picture on what is formed. Physics therefore concentrates on one thing and tries to explain it unaided by other outside factors. Chemistry on the other hand must bring in other solutions or components in order to understand how it works.

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