What Are The Challenges Faced By The Recruitment of Aged Care

Posted by Auscare Group on March 16th, 2019

In this growing number of aged population finding the right agency for caregivers is a real challenge. On the other hand, the aged care industry also faces some hassles. There are many people who are looking for the opportunity for Recruitment Aged Care so that they can pursue their dream to help the older generation. Many find solace, peace and satisfaction in this profession, but don’t know how to process for the Recruitment Aged Care. On the other hand, the industry itself is facing some challenges.

Here we will discuss the problems of the Aged Care Industry:

Remote Location: Many reputed aged care agency is facing difficulties to recruit trained staff in remote locations. The registered and enrolled nurses are not always keen to move far from their comfort zones as they prefer to stay in the cities. The demand for experienced and trained nurses on the rural areas is always high as only a few are interested. Sometimes, new staffs show their interests only to gain experience and qualifications but they move soon only after fulfilling their requirements.

Educated Workforce: When it comes to the Recruitment Aged Care, the scarcity of educated and trained staff is a real challenge nowadays the agencies are facing. As per a recent study, the employers of the aged care industry of most of the leading countries are willing to leave their profession. On the other hand, there is a huge gap between demand and supply. Now, the number of people wanting to take training is not equal to the job vacancy in the industry. As it is a highly specialized sector, you want someone who has training, certificate and experience.

Pay and Remuneration: Unfortunately, the pay package of the aged care industry is not that much attractive. For any profession, remuneration is the main attraction for any employee. The aged care is a tough and time consuming job which requires both mental attention and physical effort. Along with that, you have to apply your training and education in different segments of your job. For all the efforts, the employers deserve a handsome pay and remuneration package.

Lack Of young Workforce: When there are so many existing challenges, it is very easy to assume that young people are not interested in the process of Recruitment Aged Care. On the other hand, the existing workforce is aging with time. In the coming years, the industry will face a huge gap between the required and recruited employees.

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