How Alvin Treated His Anxiety And Depression Through Music Therapy?

Posted by Music lessons on March 16th, 2019

Alvin was always interested in music and he wanted to learn playing musical instruments. He didn't want to become a musician but he was curious to learn music because he wanted to increase his ability to focus and ward off anxiety and depression.

Traumatic events and battling with depression

He was suffering from anxiety and depression after some traumatic events in his life. His counselor advised him to learn music to ease his symptoms. Last time,
when he visited his psychiatrist, they had a long session.

Alvin reported some improvement in past six weeks, since he started counseling sessions, but it was not as much as he had expected. He was consistently experiencing bouts of depression and anxiety and that was making his life miserable.

Worsening situation

His psychiatrist was quite worried as Alvin was trying to overcome a traumatic divorce, a financial loss and the death of his mother. He was unable to sleep and often woke up anxious and sweating in the wee hours of night.

Counselor’s dilemma and his faith in music therapy

He was on the medication and was constantly attending counseling sessions. However, the severity of the trauma he was undergoing was too much for him to handle. Luckily, the psychiatrist was quite experienced. He believed in music therapy and its healing effect on human psyche.

Beginning of Alvin’s journey to learn music

The psychiatrist didn't want his client to suffer like this and advised him to learn piano and play it whenever he felt anxious and depressed. Alvin was also quite serious about his condition and he wanted to get over it anyhow.

Finding AnnelieseMessner, the music teacher

So he started looking for a music teacher, who can teach him to play piano. He searched Google using queries like - "Private music lessons near me" and"Private voice lessons near me".

In the search results, he was able to find many music schools and private classes. However, when he stumbled across result – “AnnelieseMessner’s private voice lessons”, he intuitively clicked on the result.
When he opened the website, he found that it was exactly the kind of place he was looking for. The music teacher was a renowned musician and a singer and she hadwon various prizes and awards. She was a popular pianist, who had performed all over the world. At the time, she was busy offering private music lessons and performing at private events.

A breakthrough in Alvin’s life

Alvin dialed the number given on the website and talked to the customer service representative at AnnelieseMessner music classes. When she briefed him about the procedure and how the classes were conducted, he instantly decided to enroll for the classes.

He was quite happy to see that he was able to play his favorite tunes on piano within a period of just eight weeks. His anxiety was normalizinggradually and he was feeling much better than before. He recommends everyone who is battling with anxiety and depression to Piano Lessons for Kids.

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