Solotica Hidrocor Grafite AU

Posted by StevenHWicker on March 16th, 2019

Before purchasing Solotica coloured contact lenses please make sure that you consult an optometrist to assess whether they are right for you.

All the required information is provided with the listings on our site and you can show these to your optometrist for more information on the product. Eye Contact Lenses AU

Care Instructions & Procedures:

Solotica Lenses must be soaked overnight in fresh saline solution. This is because the liquid that they are suspended in does not disinfect the lenses.

Do not take the lenses out of the solution that they come with and apply them directly to your eyes.

It is not recommended to use harsh contact lens solutions that specifically contain hydrogen-peroxide. The brands we recommend are: Optifree from Alcon, Renu from Bausch & Lomb and Biotrue. These brands are available broadly.

Prior to touching the contact lenses or the contact lens case please ensure that your hands are clean by washing them with perfume-free, anti-bacterial soap. Followed by thorough rinsing and drying with a lint-free towel.

For the longevity of your contact lenses we recommend that you clean and change the saline solution everyday even if you don’t wear them everyday.

When removing your Solotica lenses please place them back in the lens case with fresh saline solution each time.

Do not reuse solution. Once they have been removed from the lens case make sure that you replace the solution.

Always thoroughly wash your hands prior to touching your lenses. Do not touch them if you have cream/lotion/makeup on your hands.

Try to avoid getting makeup on the lenses.

Please be extra careful when taking the lenses out of the vials for the first time. The lenses are made of film which makes them delicate therefore using any instruments to remove them such as tweezers may damage or cause rips in the lenses.

Please do not dispose of the glass vials as they contain the serial numbers for your lenses.

Why do my lenses feel blurry or hazy?

Change the saline solution. Clean them properly and place your contact lenses in the fresh solution. Allow them to sterilize for 25 hours prior to using them again. Solotica Hidrocor Grafite AU

What if the contact lenses are scratching your eyes and causing discomfort?

Have you thoroughly cleaned your lenses with clean and fresh solution? If you have done this and the problem is still there then please dispose of your lenses and purchase a new pair as you may have damaged/torn them from handling.

Please make sure that you visit your optometrist and get confirmation that these contact lenses are OK for you to use. Our website has listed the composition and the materials from which they are made from. We do not accept any liability for any illness, infection or allergies caused by the materials that these lenses are manufactured from.

Please be vigilant and get the right medical advice before purchasing our products because it is your responsibility to know whether you suffer from sensitivity or allergy to the materials of which these lenses are manufactured from.

Our Solotica lenses come with handling procedure and care instructions. Please ensure you thoroughly read and understand the pamphlet before using the lenses.

If you are storing your Solotica Coloured Contacts please make sure to check the level of the saline solution in the lens storage case on a regular basis. If left unchecked, condensation can empty the solution leaving the contacts to dry out in which case you will need to dispose of them and purchase a new pair.

Please DO-NOT re-store your lenses in the glass vials they come with. We provide you with a contact lens case to store your lenses in once you remove them from the vials.

Please wash and dry the contact lens case with a lint-free cloth or towel before you place the lenses in them.

Please DO-NOT open your contacts over a sink or drain. They are small and slippery and can fall into the sink and if this happens they are not covered by the manufacturers warranty and cannot be replaced.

You are responsible for the cost of replacement lenses if you have damaged them. Manufacturers warranty does not cover damage caused by the customer such as dropping and breaking the glass vials or causing the lenses to tear from handling.

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