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10 Best Electric Pressure Cooker Reviews 2019

To begin us will be this audit of 10 of the best electric weight cookers in 2019. We trust that by perusing on, you will get more understanding on what's in store. These surveys would then furnish you with choices from which you can begin your hunt.

1. Moment Pot DUO60 6 – Best For Smaller Families

Moment Pot DUO60 6 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker Review

For the individuals who have a group of somewhere in the range of 4 and 6 individuals and are searching for a multi-reason weight cooker, at that point this item is a standout amongst the best around. It is a 7 of every 1 item, enabling you to utilize it as a weight cooker, rice cooker, moderate cooker, yogurt hotter and creator and so forth.

Highlights savvy, this item has various to achieve your cooking needs. All these are controlled from a huge and simple to utilize control board. The control board has 14 savvy projects incorporated with it. These incorporate programmed warm, moderate cook and sauté temperature settings.

Utilizing third era innovation, this electric weight cooker is fit for delivering reliable outcomes. There is an inbuilt microchip that screens temperature and weight, keeps time, and changes heat force. All these are extraordinary highlights while getting ready sound dishes.

With this cooker, you can choose among high and low weights for cooking. For quick cooking, you can choose the high weight. Then again, for sensitive dishes, the low weight proves to be useful. The cooking temperatures can be balanced also relying upon the kind of cooking you need to apply.

Security insightful, the item is intended to dispense with any mistakes that may bring you hurt. For instance, a weight controller guarantees that just protected weights are utilized for cooking. Wellbeing cover, hostile to blockage vent, top discovery sensor, broken top location among others are a few models.


One touch controls are anything but difficult to utilize

Multi-reason use

Tough hardened steel development

Customizable weight and temperature settings

More than 10 wellbeing highlights

Simple to clean

Inbuilt microchip

Included strength

Vitality productive

Affirmed development


Moderately expensive

Marginally overweight

Not roomy

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2. Fragrance Housewares ARC-914SBD – Perfect for Meal Planning

Fragrance Housewares ARC-914SBD Pressure Cooker Review

The Aroma Housewares ARC-914SBD is a weight cooker intended to cook for the most part rice and steam different sustenances. On the off chance that you cherish cooking rice, at that point this is an incredible choice for getting your delicacy cooked in a brief time. It holds somewhere in the range of 2 and 8 measures of rice instapots 

You can cook both dark colored and white rice, which in the wake of cooking is kept warm with the guide of an auto-warm capacity. A steam plate inside the cooker enables you to prepare two dinners at any given moment. Vegetables can steam over the cooking rice underneath the steam plate.

Convenience is empowered by the utilization of programmable and computerized controls. These empower you to choose among a variety of capacities, for example, keep warm, defer clock, white rice, darker rice, steam, and the controlling on and off catch.

Another incredible element is the capacity to steam a significant number of sustenances close by the rice being cooked. Bean stew, soups, and jambalaya are a portion of the models. The likelihood of a 15-hour postpone clock is incredible when you need to design out your cooking until when you get back.


Can be utilized to store nourishment while voyaging

Sensibly estimated

Very open

Considers preparing two suppers at a go

Tough treated steel plan

Top notch embellishments

Non-stick inward pot

Easy to utilize


Constrained as far as functionalities

Little measured for expansive families

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3. Moment Pot IP-LUX60 V2 – Best Safety Standards

Moment Pot IP-LUX60 v2 6-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker Review

Weight cookers from Instant Pot are probably the best electric weight cookers right now in the market. They are likewise famous for various highlights that you may discover exceptionally valuable too. First of all, it is a 6 out of 1 weight cooker which enables you to set up an assortment of suppers.

The six functionalities that it is fit for performing incorporate being utilized as a weight cooker, sauté/carmelizing, rice cooker, hotter, steamer, and a moderate cooker. Every one of these capacities are controlled through a simple to utilize control board total with 10 savvy projects.

Likewise, there is an auto-keep warm capacity with three temperature settings. These can be utilized to sauté/dark colored and furthermore moderate cook. On the off chance that you are hard in a hurry, you can set the cooker to postpone the concocting for to 24 hours. You can likewise physically set a cooking time of 120 minutes. Generally, you would return to an effectively arranged dinner.

By using the consistency of a microchip, uniform cooking results can be accomplished pretty much without fail. Simple one-contact controls make working the cooker a breeze. On the inside, the cooker is produced using brushed hardened steel that is unique mark safe. Other valuable embellishments produced using the hardened steel are incorporated into the bundle.


Guaranteed wellbeing safety measures

Weight and temperature flexible

Treated steel development recolor verification

Dishwasher safe frill

Multi-reason employments

Extraordinary incentive at the cost

One push catches

Simple to keep up

Strong item


Not roomy


Marginally overwhelming

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4. Mealthy MultiPot 9-in-1 – Best Multi-Functional

Mealthy MultiPot 9-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker Review

The Mealthy MultiPot is a 9-apparatus folded into a solitary item for the best flexibility. With this cooker, you can weight cook, steam, moderate cook, sauté, make cakes, make yogurt, and sanitize. Moreover, you can cook rice and afterward warm suppers.

To save money on cooking time and the time you spend in the kitchen, you can get ready two suppers at once with this item. In the bundle is a steamer made of tempered steel to make twofold cooking conceivable. Its primary cooking pot is made of treated steel as well.

The cooking programs are given in a 14 worked in program setup. These are utilized to prepare explicit dinners or play out a particular capacity. You have a decision of choosing between a program to cook porridge, influence the cake, to get ready poultry and keep warm among a variety of other helpful errands.

Every one of these procedures are shown on a LCD board. It is loaded up with instinctive advancement markers and symbols which are incredible for monitoring how your nourishment is cooking. You don't need to bungle with catches or theory on when your dinner would be prepared.


9 cooking machines in a single item

Simple to program

14 programs for cooking

2 dishes can be set up at once

An additional pair of silicone gloves gave

Formulas can be gotten to through a cell phone

Well ordered recordings gave on the application

Incredible wellbeing highlights


Can be loud when in activity

Quality control can be an issue on occasion

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