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Posted by rohny01 on March 17th, 2019

By 2017 there were approximately 2 billion individuals using Android in the world. These large numbers of users download and install many apps in their cell phones and PCs etc daily. The format that these android users, use to install the apps in their device directly from google player is called an APK fie. APK basically stands for Android Package Kit and can also be called as Android Application Package.  The Android Operating system use these files to distribute and install apps. Apk Downloader will facilitate the users to download apps directly to their gadgets and only those apps will be installed which are free.

These APK files are parallel to other software packages used in varying operating systems. To form an APK file, compilation of a program from Android is first done. Then all of its other portions are packaged into one container file. The program code contains resources, assets, certificates and manifest files. These files can have any name, but it would be compulsory that they end with a file extension of ‘.apk’. These files are basically archive files in a zip format type packages, based on the JAR file format.  

There are several benefits of downloading APK files. It lets the users download the apps to their devices before the time of their release, this way you can enjoy the new apps and features ahead of time. Also, there are sometimes when an app is updated and the new version is not to our liking, you feel that the old version was still the better one, in these situations APK Downloader will come in handy. It also allows you to download the apps that aren’t available on the google player for some reasons. But with all these advantages there are some disadvantages too. The users must be aware to not install an app that is stolen as that is illegal. Also, downloading sketchy apps would be a bad idea as then that application may contain a malware.

With APK Downloader the process is simple and completely hassle free. All you have to do is copy the Package name or the Google Player URL for the app you want to install. Then go on the website and simply paste the Package name or the Google Player URL for the app you want to install in the bar and the click on download. The file will start to download automatically.

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