Fighting most of the Blade and Soul Revolution gold

Posted by limmzhou on March 18th, 2019

I discovered the overall difficulty of a lot of the PvE combat to be disappointingly simple. Instead of lively and hard combat, fighting most of the Blade and Soul Revolution gold computer controlled enemies became a boring routine. Like other MMOs, I spammed the very same rotations of abilities over and over again since I cleaved my way across the world while eying my experience bar as though it had been the hands of a clock on the last day of college.

This is the place where the tension in Blade and Soul's ambitions to be an MMO and a highly aggressive fighting game is at its worst. And where I need that the entire MMO aspect can be made optional or done away with entirely. But as it is, I just can't imagine lots of the competitive gamers Blade and Soul could attract will look kindly on investing which time until they can even get to the fantastic part of the game.

Without other distractions like buy BNS Revolution gold housing or more in-depth crafting, Blade and Soul feels pretty mild. Outside of the PvP, it is just the exact same grind that has already done better in other games. In case the PvP were more immediately accessible to new players, I don't think that would be quite as big of a issue, however Blade and Soul insists on being a derivative MMO first and a fantastic aggressive fighting game second.

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