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Posted by Immuno Staining on March 18th, 2019

Immunostaining is the online resource that offers you detailed information about IHC Protocol. It is a small part of Boster bio that gives you complete knowledge about IHC Principle and IHC Protocol. This website is especially designed to educate the people about the detailed process of immunostaining and how it works?

After staining the target antigen by IHC, a secondary stain is usually applied to provide contrast that helps the primary stain more distinct. While many of these stains show specificity for discrete antigens or cellular compartments, other stains will deliver the staining of a whole cell. This counter stain will change the nucleus to red after applying to the tissue section for 2 to 5 min. IHC mounting media may be used to attach a cover slip or may it be used to replace the cover slip. Generally, the medium selection depends on a few factors including the chemical compatibility with chromogen and counter stain as well as the preservation period.

As it is Neutral Mounting Medium usually refers to an oily substance with pH 7.0 such as neutral gum (resin). Before mounting, the sample should be treated with dimethyl benzene, transparent and dehydrated for long-term storage sections.

Water-Soluble Mounting Medium, popularly used in IF staining for short-term storage sections, this mounting medium usually consists of 50% glycerol.

Once your tissue sample is fixed using the appropriate method and fixative, it is ready for sectioning and mounting. In order to preserve tissue morphology during sectioning, the tissue must be embedded in paraffin. If you are performing IHC Embedding Optimization on frozen sections, fixation occurs after sectioning. The decision to use frozen or formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) samples is dependent on which downstream applications you intend to use.

  • Praffin embedded Frozen
  • Fixation step Pre-embedding Post-sectioning
  • Sectioning equipment    Microtome Cryostat
  • Storage stability Years at room temperature One year at -20C
  • Advantages includes Tissue morphology preservation Enzyme, activity preservation

About is the website that offers you detailed information about IHC protocol. It is a small part of Boster Bio that gives you complete knowledge about IHC principle and IHC protocol. IHC principle is the method of fixation, tissue sectioning, paraffin embedding, inactivation and blocking, antigen retrieval, detection and so on. You will also study complete guide of IHC Sample preparation guide and IHC protocol. For more details visit our website

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