The role of quality engineering in digital transformation

Posted by Lisa Williams on March 18th, 2019

Digital transformation of any business organization is much more than the installation of an enterprise resource planning software and a management information system software. If you want your business organization to be digitally transformed, you must streamline all your business operations in such a way that they fit into the IT architecture. At the same time, you must develop the attitude of working in an IT enabled environment. The success of a digital transformation activity is dependent upon the quality of the IT architecture.

The process of ensuring that your IT architecture meets all quality standards is known as quality engineering. Currently, it is one of the most talked about terminologies in the business world. Quality engineering ensures that the business software that you have installed is fulfilling your requirements that existed prior to the installation. It does so without any compromise on data security. It also demands a technically competent team which would test all the newly installed business software for various quality criteria. In this regard, most companies go for the formation of an internal team for quality assurance. However, it is recommended that they go for a third party agency which is offering the same service. The reason behind this recommendation is that these third party agencies come with the requisite expertise to carry out this form of engineering. There are several aspects which need to be covered in quality engineering and seeking help from a professional third party agency is definitely the best option for any business organization.

Security is undoubtedly the greatest concern that a newly transformed digital company would have. This is because even a small amount of data leakage from the system might cost the company millions. When the third party agency is hired, it should be kept it mind that ample emphasis is laid on the domain of security. This is why the business organisation should rely on research so that they can make sure that the best third party company is hired.

It is not very surprising that although there are a number of technology agencies in the market who claim to be the best in the quality assurance process, only a few are genuinely adept in providing you with the required level of service. So, every company must invest in research so that the best agency in trade is hired. The research work can be done with the help of a committee which is set up internally by the company or by any reputed research firm that is available in the market.

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