Anxiety hacks to overcome the stress

Posted by Reconnect clinic on March 18th, 2019

People living with an anxiety disorder experience terrifying mental and physical symptoms such as shortness of breath, unbearable headaches, and consistent rumination that make even the simplest work like impossible. Anxiety can also results in relationship problems. Hence, you can consult the doctor for relationship problems help Delhi.

However, there are various methods to manage stress or anxiety related issues.

1. Splash some ice cold water

By placing your hands in ice cold water or splashing cold water on the face helps to break dissociative thoughts and feelings associated with anxiety. It aids instant relief from increased cortisol levels.

2. Talk to yourself and face the reality

When the body is in stress, the key point is to address discomfort for calming it. The deep breathing exercise through mouth and nose when combined with assuring oneself that one is safe, can make the anxious feelings at ease. Moreover, one must acknowledge that he/she is suffering from anxiety. After realization, it becomes easy to manage the signs of anxiety or stress.

3. Close social media applications

Internet and social media increase fear and anxiety through false encounters and incorrect information. The people suffering from anxiety often get stunned by expectations like showing the flawless image on social media. Thus, it is advised to minimize the use of social media if feeling anxious.

Seek the help of a behavioral health care specialist

Apart from following all these practices, even if one is not able to manage signs of anxiety or stress, talk to a qualified therapist. It will prevent a person to become more anxious and develop coping mechanisms to manage stress. It helps to break the feeling of stress and inspire to lead a healthy life. You can take consultation of doctor for obsessive compulsive disorder treatment Delhi

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