Proximity Key Fobs ? Easy way of locking and unlocking the car

Posted by cameron1schwab on March 18th, 2019

About Proximity Key Fobs

Simply key fobs, remotes key fobs are few other names use for proximity key fobs. A proximity key fob is a small device that is pocket size and highly convenient. Along with contactless technology, it also possess iButton credential feature. Since 1990, proximity key fobs are in the market and these are primarily used for cars for automatically locking and unlocking the car’s doors and also to ignite the engine to start the car. Proximity key fobs are programmed in such a way that it integrate with the individual security measures.


How does it works?

Locking, unlocking and starting the car without the help of a key is the unique feature of proximity key fobs. An antenna is embedded in the car which transmits radio waves signals that are recognized by the proximity key fobs. Locking and unlocking feature of the car automatically works as soon as the proximity key fobs comes closer to the car. It is so effective that the car doors open by just touching the handle, if the proximity key fobs is around. Not only this, immobilizer can be unlocked through the smart key fobs and the engine can be started without placing the real key in the ignition switch.

However this can only work when the proximity key fobs is available inside the car. From security viewpoint, proximity key fobs are designed in such a way that every time the proximity key fobs absorbed varied radio frequency signals that are transmitted by the embedded antennas in the car and the antennas every time make sure to generate new frequency radio signals.


Pros of Proximity Key Fobs

Convenience is the biggest advantage of using proximity key fobs. To access its technology, it is not necessary to even hold the key fobs in your hands. It can even work if it is placed inside a pocket. Now a day’s most of the car manufacturers are focusing on providing proximity key fobs to their customers as the push-button technique for the ignition is in great demand among the car users. Moreover it protects the vehicles from theft as doors cannot be unlocked without the key fobs. Not only the feature is used in cars, but it supports other function too such as public transit system, payment transaction i.e. cashless vending, and also supports access control mechanism.


Cons of Proximity Key Fobs

Mishandling is the major drawback of using proximity key fobs. In case if it is lost, proximity key fobs replacement cost is much higher than the traditional keys. Not only the cost but its availability is also an issue as these key fobs are only available with the registered and authorized dealers of the car. With the increase use of this technology, higher number of accidental and injuries cases have been found, and the worst case could be leakage of carbon monoxide as the car user or driver left the car without checking whether the engine has been shut or not



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