Why Insulating The Ground Works With Foam Insulation

Posted by Andrew Oldroyd on March 18th, 2019

Heat travels from hotter areas to colder areas. Insulation insures that you are able to maintain the temperature in cemented areas where heat gets trapped rather easily. Depending on the outside temperature and inside temperature, the rate of flow of heat is determined. We can prevent too much heat from being in the surroundings by insulating each part of the house that requires. Just insulating the attic and walls is not sufficient. You should invest in under slab foam insulation in cemented areas especially. In fact, investing in radiant heat systems are better than forced air systems, since, less heat is lost through the air ducts. However, slab insulation is of higher convenience considering how it is cheaper and very easy to install. Let us talk about some of the features of under slab foam insulation.

Less Expensive

You are able to prevent heat transfer which can be productive in maintaining the energy savings of a warehouse or commercial building.  These slab insulators are highly affordable and the savings do not just stop there. They are stronger than bubble wrap and have better resistance to heat, which we will talk about later.

Energy Efficiency

Under slab foam insulation is a reliable way to insulate your house which can be rather clean to use. It is efficient and unobtrusive which can be the best option to insulate the solid floor. Furthermore, they are made of a very strong material called polyurethane. Due to uninsulated floors, there is a lot of energy loss. In that respect, having your floors insulated can be a boon as it will allow you to save on other forms of heating. You can then walk barefoot around the house without the cold bothering you.


Installing floor insulation can make it more comfortable to move around concrete floors. In fact, walking around barefooted in the concrete floor can be difficult, since, it can get cold. These slab insulations can prevent the cold concrete from making it impossible to enter your basement during the winters. It is must-have for every house or commercial building with concrete floors.


This insulation material is easy to install and it is not messy, unlike spray-on polyurethane which can be a hassle. Under slab foam insulation can be an attractive solution to your requirements such as moisture control, inexpensive insulation and durable form of padding. You don't need extra tools to install these insulation boards, simply stapling, screwing, and nailing them is sufficient. You also don’t need to mess with wire reinforcing mesh when installing them in a floor heated basement or garage, since the radiant tube doesn’t need it to be fastened.

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