Litigation Of IP Matters Latin America

Posted by Juanes Garza on March 18th, 2019

Litigation is the process by which an individual or entity brings a dispute, a case to court or a complaint and resolution of a claim or replacement for damage. It matters to every court including in Latin America. Litigation of IP matters Latin America. The court process is also known as lawsuits and the term usually refers to civil court proceedings. They are used especially when disputes or complaints cannot be resolved by other means. The court process does not always occur in the plaintiff's lawsuit. In some cases, false accusations and a lack of facts from the people involved, will cause quick blame, and this causes litigation or lawsuits. Unfortunately, people also don't want to be responsible for their own actions, so instead of facing the consequences of their actions, they try to blame others and that can only make things worse. Litigation is a dispute resolution system through a judicial institution. It can go worse and complicated when it has come to intellectual property. Everyone could have the same idea and not all of them are aware about IP protection, but when it has come to giant deal that could affect a company, there’s going to be more ways to fight and more “wars” in court. If there’s mistake making big loss, then there is disagreement and “fight”.

When you have understood that Litigation of IP matters Latin America, then you will know how to dispute. Disputes that occur and are examined through litigation channels will be examined and decided by the judge. Lawsuits and litigation can be caused by financial statements that are not in accordance with the actual conditions so that it is detrimental to the parties concerned. Litigation demands can arise from several factors, namely creditors, investors and other stakeholders. The risk of litigation is one of the external factors that encourage managerial behavior in carrying out their work. Not only influenced by internal factors, but also influenced by external factors, namely the risk of litigation. Investors and creditors in fighting for their rights can conduct litigation and lawsuits to the company. Differences in interests between owners and managers of the company are the initial symptoms of the cause of IP plagiarism, manipulations, scandals and more and that is why dealing with IP is not always easy and that how Litigation of IP matters Latin America. In Latin America, you have to understand at least the tiniest part in your documents and tiniest way in winning the case of your own IP right.

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