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Posted by limmzhou on March 19th, 2019

The actual games were much different than anything we have seen from Ninja's flow before. A number of these players had flown out specifically for this occasion, and some were some of the very best players on the Fortnite Items planet. Ninja, an ex-Halo expert long prior to his Fortnite days, is very talented, but that was far from his usual stomping of randoms online flow.

Ninja finished the day with just one win out of two matches, though given his competition, that was nevertheless impressive (when Ninja won, cash went to a Alzheimer charity), and he also had two second places. Later, a player named 4DRStormYT won, and once the camera panned to him, it revealed a grinning 14 year old who'd clearly only experienced the best moment of his life.

The only unfortunate turn of the evening was the operation of Myth, the 2nd most common Fortnite streamer after Ninja that attended the fortnite weapons occasion and played three games in heat 3. After dying to collapse damage in match 1, Myth ended up perishing outside the top 40 at the following two matches, a unsatisfactory placement both for him and fans who had been expecting for epic moments such as a 1v1 Ninja vs. Myth final showdown.

And yet it was Myth's existence that arguably helped the flow break records. The event was hovering between 400,000 and 500,000 viewers the majority of the night, but when Myth started playing, it took up to over 600,000, finally topping out at the new album, 680,000.

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