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Posted by cutlery01 on March 19th, 2019

When the Orientals ate, the main dining tool was chopsticks, and the main tool for Westerners to eat when they ate was the knife and fork. This is a big difference. Westerners use the knife and fork when they eat Western food. Different dining methods have different taboos. Let's take a look at the Western knife and fork usage and Western food taboos.

1.The order of the Western knife and fork

Western food has two or three knives, the knife is on the right-hand side, the fork is on the left-hand side, eating salad, eating seafood, eating the main dish, each with a pair. In the order, the outermost pair is eating salad, the middle one is eating seafood, and the innermost one is eating staple food, which is taken from the outside to the inside. If you eat a dish, you need to change a knife and fork. If you want to buy a beautiful and high-quality cutlery, please go to see the cutlery manufacturers.

2.The use of Western cutlery

The right knife and the left fork are the basic methods for eating western food. When eating large pieces of steak and the like, cut the food piece by piece, try to avoid the knife and fork and the dish to trigger a harsh sound. When eating salad, if When encountering a large piece of lettuce leaves, use a knife to cut into small pieces at a time, but do not cut the whole plate of salad into small pieces and eat.

3.The characteristics of the Western knife

Western food is not as casual as eating Chinese food. Western food is served in the dining and forks. If you eat half of the knife and fork, don’t put it on the table or put it on the table. The knife and fork are in the shape of a figure. If the meal is finished, the knife and fork should be discharged on the dish, so that the waiter will come back to take away the tableware. Wooden cutlery manufacturer has many exquisite tableware.

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