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Posted by Michel Brown on March 19th, 2019

With immense change being the promise that most companies are declaring, IoT is attracting a lot of attention from enterprises who are eager to join the bandwagon and try creating devices that can be connected.

Better Strategies for Operational Efficiency

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been connecting billions of devices all over the world, in a short time span.  Businesses with large IoT implementations are gaining enough expertise and resources to take on IoT security concerns.  This swing towards IoT has resulted in extremely competent businesses, with one IoT solution provider trying to outdo the other.  Rival companies have invested in advanced analytics to connect products, systems, machines and plants together as never before.  As competition continues to increase, some strategies for IoT can make the difference to market leaders.  For one, successful companies play to their strengths, adding IoT connectivity to their existing products than trying to create new ones.  Secondly, market leaders embrace opportunities for changing business processes in order to derive real business gains.

Powering IoT and the Embedded Innovation

End-to-end IoT solutions empower smart living by connecting a number of asssets, services, operations and logistics.  By providing expertise across all stages of IoT adoption, RAK Wireless is able to offer its customers a seamless experience with maximum efficiency.  With more than a 100 customers in the area of Internet of Things, RAK has the extensive experience needed to provide customers with solutions in the field of Homekit, NEST, IFTTT and a host of others.  With half a decade’s worth of experience in the field of IoT solutions, RAK Wireless is more than capable of handling any queries in the area of foolproof security, good return on investments, PLC modules and so on.

Leaders in IoT Solutions

RAK Wireless has built itself a remarkable track record in video transmission, WiFi and as an IoT solution provider.  With more than a decade worth of experience, the company has the expertise that it takes to be a market leader in the field of IoT solutions.  By offering customizable home automation systems or transforming homes, offices and factories into smart ones, the company provides customers with the exact solution they require to help them achieve their IoT blueprint.  When it comes to home automation, it has become virtually impossible to do without Internet Of Things and cloud computing.  RAK Wireless will help customers navigate the complex waters of IoT.

The addition of technologies like Cloud and Artificial Intelligence has resulted in IoT being unstoppable – from providing organizations the skill to track their systems remotely to providing real-time data to medical doctors, IoT is bringing about a transformation in every industry like never before.

RAKwirelessAbout Shenzhen Rakwireless Technology Co., Ltd. (RAK)

Shenzhen Rakwireless Technology Co., Ltd. (RAK, is pioneer in providing innovated and diverse LPWA connectivity solutions for IoT edge devices.) was established in June 2014. Based in Shenzhen with a R&D center in Shanghai, a office in Beijing. RAK devoted to developing and supplying advanced IoT technology and services. RAK has become from R&D, production to sales one-stop IoT solution supply company.

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