Digital Marketing! A Proven Blessing for the Upcoming Lok Sabha

Posted by saranyamvs on March 19th, 2019

One would have to be blind not to see that social media networks have been some of the most successful performers on the Internet in the last few years. Social media has grabbed a major place in the industry, and it is of utmost importance to create a buzz on social media to mark your presence and generate higher profits.

Today, social media has grown to be inevitable in politics, with many politicians and political events using it as an inexpensive and immensely influential tool for promotion. Most of the political parties and politicians have realized that in addition to the regular political campaigns like TV ads, public appearances, and debates, social media marketing strategy is very vital to the success of their political campaign, in the age of the internet.

With the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and may be the highest ever budgeted elections in the history of the world, here are a few steps to do digital marketing right and grab your votes.

1) Pick your target audience

Before you can choose the what and where of your marketing campaign, you need to determine the who – your target audience, and the how – where you will reach them. Off course you cannot reach the below poverty line audience with Digital marketing. But make sure to create a buzz in a way so that even they are portrayed.

2) Set your goals and KPIs

Marketing activities can have different types of outcomes: leads, visitors, visibility or engagement. Each marketing campaign needs to focus on one primary purpose.

Based on that purpose, you need to set specific goals and metrics or key performance indicators (KPIs) that will help you determine how your campaign is performing against that goal and are helpful when creating or refining marketing strategies

3) Researching the competitors:

Before you start making amazing content that suits your customers, you should investigate your competitors. It's a good thing to do this step before creating your own content – it will give you a better insight on what approach to take.

This doesn't mean that you should blindly copy your competitor's marketing campaign, you should just research it. This will give you the necessary information on how to grow and learn from their successful campaigns, as well as failed ones.

4) Determine your offer

Online marketing works best when you focus only on one or two things. You may have a variety of causes but pick one or two of them that are deep and have a solid appeal to your target market for your marketing campaign. Depending on the campaign, your offer could be a piece of content, a free webinar, a free house to the needy or something that attracts those looking to cast a vote. Be sure to align your offer with something you know your target needs.

5) Identify the digital marketing channel.

What media channel will you use to communicate your message and attract and capture your audience so that they caste the vote your party?

The media channels include:


                Social media



                Search engines


The channels you choose will be different depending on your type of campaign, target audience and goals.

6) Track and measure results:

Tracking and reacting to your campaign's successes is critical in maintaining an effective marketing campaign. From your website stats to PPC stats, there are many ways to determine what is working and what isn't. By paying attention you'll learn volumes about your ads and how to hone them for best results.

Its high time that all the political parties take the steps and use the best of Digital marketing services. May the best democracy win and rule our Nation.

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