With Valkorion, it?s different

Posted by smrtsmith on March 20th, 2019

With Valkorion, it’s different. Vitiate is often a different person. He declared that Ziost changed him. Perhaps it absolutely was at that time he realized it was time and energy to move on, that she had discovered all there was clearly to find out about conflict. Valkorion leads a different sort of empire, one that may be eutopic SWTOR Credits Buy within a way. This being a really different form of experience for Vitiate.
Now Vitiate has discovered something new that they’s not experienced before: you. Perhaps they have found an identical. He says within the throne room above Zakuul: “In all of my centuries, you alone have merited my full attention. You leave your mark upon the galaxy wherever you act, in the same way I do.” You are his next challenge. I feel that Vitiate’s ultimate goal along is to accomplish as he did with Tenebrae and Valkorion. I believe he would like to become you and also experience that galaxy SWTOR Credits for sale since you do. In a way, they are, but unlike his other victims, much like the Voice on Voss, you should volunteer to permit him in completely.
I know it is super nerdy, but I also know a large number of of you like thinking deeply concerning the stories of Star Wars and SWTOR. What are your ideas? I’d love to remain this discussion inside comments below. And when you have any more references with regards to who Vitiate might really be, I’d like to read those, too.

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