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Posted by Lisa Williams on March 20th, 2019

Devops is an emerging methodology of software development projects which is gaining popularity among the leading software development companies. The main reason why devops is enjoying great support from the fraternity is its ability to merge the two activities of software development and quality assurance. In traditional methodologies of software development projects, these two activities are conducted in a sequential manner. Many a times, there is very little coordination between the two activities, resulting in repeated and time consuming iterations of redevelopment and re-testing. This eventually increases the overall cost of the project. So, project engineers have been trying to figure out ways to merge the two activities in such a way that they do not come in each other’s way. Devops is a result of this endeavour of the project engineers.

This methodology seeks to dilute the barriers between software development and quality assurance in a smooth way. If devops is implemented in an effective way, it can bring about a number of benefits for the projects. A few of these benefits are as follows:

  • Faster delivery
    As the activities of software development and testing go hand in hand, the delivery time decreases drastically. Devops seeks to eliminate the need of iterations. So, if any project faces the demand to deliver a software in less time, the best decision it can take is to adopt devops solutions.
  • End to end process visibility
    In traditional methodologies of software development, there is very little clarity about the status of the development amongst the project members who are not in the development team. So they find it very difficult to make functional decisions until the software is fully developed. On the other hand, if the project adopts the devops methodology, the functional team is well aware of the quality of the software and it can take the required decisions to change the functionalities of the deliverables.
  • Centralized data management
    In traditional methodologies, the development team and the testing team maintain their data separately. It becomes a task to merge the data so that further analysis can be done. The extra task calls for extra resources and extra time which increases the cost of the project. Devops maintains a central data repository which consists of both development and testing data.
  • Employee satisfaction
    It has been observed that devops fosters better understanding between the development team, the testing team and the functional team as compared to the traditional methodologies. This understanding results in employee satisfaction of a higher degree as compared to the methodologies in which the separate teams work on their own, with minimal interaction.

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