Latest Innovation Swings in Customer Service

Posted by Neha Gupta on March 20th, 2019

With the increased adoption of tech channels in our routine life, the innovating customer touchpoints also experience the digital transformations that change the consistency of human sales and service channels. But with new technologies, challenges come too. The steep learning of using new innovations in customer services and support is needed to keep yourself up-to-date in the run.

Change is the only constant thing in the world of customer services and if you don’t go for these innovation swings, you will be left behind. The massive benefit of these developing trends is to give more and more realistic experience to the customers which improve your business revenues. Not only the money matters but it also encourages the process improvements, knowledge sharing, risk reduction and much more.

Small and medium business holders are adopting virtual storage and systems to counter a lack of data centers. In this way, the tech drifts of present days are proved as a strong strategy to advantage business process outsourcing. So, upgrading yourself with the latest innovation trends keep your BPO services ahead among its competitors.

What are the booming trends in Customer Service Technology?

Video Communication

Video voicemails are the one the top trends in these days. We know that eye contact is a more powerful tool to build up a strong relationship among customers and a client. So, face to face conversation or video proves a viable business improving tool with growing expectations of customers. With the help of Visual Voicemails, service providers can schedule meetings with the customers as well as clients for face to face interaction whenever it possible.

Real-Time Messaging

In this fast-paced world, customers expect you to be online always and interact via chat instead of email. Real-time messaging and responsiveness leave quite positive reactions on the customers. It’s not about Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, but the on-site conversations really matter in gaining customer satisfaction.

Social Media Management Tools

Browsing social platforms has emerged as the third most popular online activity. So, for the BPO service providers opting social media management tools is a game-changing strategy. Companies these days invest more in real-time customer engagement instead of call center software programs. This will allow companies to gain first-hand insight over their products and feedback that enhance a company’s ability to analyze issues with the products as well as give solutions for future problems.

Talk Bots

Bots are different interaction mode and an opportunity to engage your customers more effectively. Bots can work all the time especially when your customer service team is asleep. We can say it is a self-service for customers that reduce expenses of BPO vendors by providing a new repeatable method of communication. This technology will continue to make a huge advance over the next few years and will be capable of doing more than humans today.

Machine Intelligence

Machine Intelligence or more commonly known as Artificial Intelligence is predicted to use in customer service by 80%. However, many call center outsourcing companies already using AI in their customer support operations. Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence is still a tool with fairly limited functionality. But in coming days this will prove as an efficient tool to suggest replies to human agents.

Google Voice

Voice technologies have been a major trend with the advent of Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant. Being present in Android and iOS phones, Google Voice is the leading digital assistant and the use will grow significantly in customer’s lives. In the coming few months, these technologies will rule the world and implementing these in your enterprise will helpful in your business improvement.

Data-Driven Technology

No matter, which technology you are using, but it must be an effective data-driven technology. These service technologies record a variety of information about customer interactions so, the added software must be beneficial across your entire organization. Your sales team will need this data to understand customer’s needs and use these insights during their sales pitch.


Balancing today’s priorities is a constant struggle while changing technology drifts. The customer support outsourcing is growing and the major concern is to increase skill shortage. That is actually possible with new generation technology. These new innovations continue to grow and benefits to encourage your business like no before. Outsourcing service providers at a global level are expected to use these innovations to effectively address market challenges.

Emerging technologies such as social media platforms, data-driven software, cloud computing, and automation providing cutting cost solutions to enterprises. Expanding businesses do not want to hire a large number of people for small tasks where these techs will help them in an effective manner. While it is an uphill task for many call center outsourcing service providers, many top-notch players of this industry already giving an edge with the help of robotic process automation in their standard client service portfolios.

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