Protein Origami And Schroedinger's Free Energy

Posted by beauty33 on March 20th, 2019

It is a common understanding in thermodynamics that things happen faster as they become hotter. Yet this does not seem to be the case with protein folding. Instead of folding taking place more quickly as heating increases, the opposite occurs, leaving biologists scratching their heads. This was until two women scientists worked out why the second law of thermodynamics was being violated. Chinese scientists, Liaofu Luo at the Inner Mongolia University and Jun Lu at the Inner Mongolia University of Technology, both in China, made a major break through in quantum biology.

Instead of proteins folding as they cooled down and unfolding 'quickly' as they heat up, the scientists discovered the relationship between folding and unfolding to be non-linear and asymmetrical. This meant that folding was not the opposite of unfolding. So, if folding and unfolding are not opposite what is their relationship based upon? Molecular biologists, trying to hold fast to their mechanistic science position, suggested that non-linear action between water and hydrophobic parts of proteins could well be the reason for the strange phenomenon. The Chinese scientists were not convinced. They maintained that the way folding depends on temperature becomes perfectly clear once the problem is approached from a quantum angle.

Proteins (long chains of amino acids that become biologically active once they are folded into highly complex shapes) carry out specific functions according to their geometry. The thing that puzzled science was, with so many configurations to choose from, was how did proteins fold into their perfect shape so quickly? The Chinese scientists said it was entirely possible if the process was a quantum, not mechanical one. What these women scientists discovered amounts to the first universal laws of protein folding, which is equivalent, in biology, to the discovery of thermodynamic laws in physics.

Long before this discovery, however, during the 1990s the Science-Art Research Center of Australia held that coherent light passing through micro-tubules caused proteins to be constantly enfolded into patterns within DNA. This protein patterning takes place in order to intuitively guide humanity to develop a global human survival technology associated with the functioning of a universal holographic reality. Such a technology, could not be understood within the entropic Einsteinian world-view because it forbade the human living-process to evolve toward infinity. During his recorded speech as a guest of honor at the opening of Yangzhou University's College of Art in 2001, Professor Pope made his theory quite clear with this statement:

"The cellular membrane employs a fractal logic that has solved far greater environmental problems that the ones we are creating for ourselves now. Evolutionary direction is provided by the constantly changing shapes of the evolving protein, which when measured, demonstrate that it is moving towards universal infinity. This process and not the DNA controls evolution, however we cannot reason about it under the present scientific world view, which deems any connection of the living process with universal infinity as impossible. The human survival technology is about obtaining computer simulations extending the cellular experience further into the survival direction taken up by the evolving protein."

From this it can be reasoned that quantum protein folding actually negates the entropic effect of the second law of thermodynamics. In Edwin Schroedinger's book 'What is life?' he wrote, It is by avoiding the rapid decay into the Inert state of 'equilibrium' that an organism appears so enigmatic. What an organism feeds upon is negative entropy. This neg-entropy, he later explained in a footnote, as 'free energy'.

Any concept of free energy greatly disturbs physicists, who treat the second law as gospel. After all it is common knowledge that the ultimate source of all our energy and negative entropy is the radiation from the sun. Such scientists tried to explain away neg-entropy simply as entropy with a negative sign. But, to the astute scientist the meaning did not capture what Schroedinger intended the term to mean. He used it to identify the remarkable ability of the living system, to not only avoid the effects of entropy production, as dictated by the second law, but to do just the opposite and increase organization as a fractal expression, which intuitively is the converse of entropy. 1937 Nobel Laureate in medicine, Szent Gyorgy, alluded to both notions of free energy and organisation in his understanding of neg-entropy. Both scientists had the correct intuition where neg-entropy is concerned and it can be reasoned that this neg-entropic principle of order and freedom can be applied to protein folding within a quantum biological context. Energy and organization are certainly both intrinsically bound up with each other, as shown in fractal logic.

Energy content within a system is thereby divided into entropy, which is related to the haphazard thermal motion (molecular chaos) of molecules unavailable for work, and which tend to disappear at or close to absolute zero temperature. However, as has now been proven, neg-entropy kicks in before entropy can reach absolute zero. This is because free energy, which is in some way available for work, creates more energetic order. Also, as there need be no entropy generated in no loss, gain heat situations - which occur frequently in living systems - division into available and non-available energy cannot be absolute and can only exist as quantum probability. The difficulty of the no loss, no gain, heat energy scenario is related to the problem of Maxwell's demon (a hypothetical intelligent being who can open a microscopic trapdoor between two compartments of a container of gas at equilibrium in order to let fast molecules through in one direction, and the slow ones in the other, so that work can then be extracted from the system.)

For a while this challenge to second law domination puzzled science. However, in the 1950s it became evident that something like a Maxwell's demon could be achieved with little more than a trapdoor that opens in one-direction only and just requires a threshold amount of activation energy to open it. This is achievable in solid-state devices such as diodes and transistors that act as rectifiers.

The problem of Maxwell's demon is broadly considered as having been 'solved' by Austral-Hungarian Physicist, Leo Szilard, and later, French American Physicist, Leon Brillouin, who showed that the demon, being intelligent would receive required information about the molecules. The problem with this theory is that the energy used up in gaining the information would be greater that the energy gained. So, according to science the second law remains inviolate. Perhaps, what they have failed to take account is that the so-called information is already supplied by the special structure or organization of the system in which energy is stored. Biological membranes, in particular, are excitable structures poised for relaying and amplifying weak signals into the cell. Weak in this sense refers to weak electromagnetic frequencies, which are now known to hold most of our biological information.

What Chinese scientists, Liaofu Luo and Jun Lu have clearly shown is that protein folding is a quantum biological neg-entropic process based on fractal logic. With an infinite number of origami like shapes for proteins to fold into, their speed of geometric choice has to mean entanglement between protein shape and protein function. In other words the protein has an intuitive sensory perception that allows it to fold correctly, instantly, according to the universal law of form follows function.

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