Top 3 Things To Look For When Purchasing Sports Prescription Eyewear

Posted by heavyglare on March 20th, 2019

Performance sunglasses are popular at sports matches for people watching the game and the people participating. Fast-paced running or simply to keep the glare away, these sunglasses are not only sleek but, are designed to sport a look to grab everyone's attention at the sporting event. With the current interest in mountain biking, snowboarding and rock climbing surging; durable and specialized performance eyewear is recommended for all such activities. The most significant feature of performance eyeglasses is the tinted lens which comes in a couple of variants and is guaranteed to reduce eye glare. When buying prescription sports sunglasses online, make sure you pick the right lens that suits your needs as an athlete or sports enthusiast.

The Types Of Lens For Sports Eyewear

Polycarbonate Lenses: these are lightweight, strong and impact resistant and the perfect choice for high-performance sports sunglasses.

Polarized Lenses: these are in demand because they remove glare at higher altitudes.

Photochromic Lenses: these lenses are clear indoors and at night, and darken automatically in sunlight.

However, the debate about performance eyewear continues about whether the low glare that protects your eyes from the reflection from an icy path or water is safe or not. Though glass lenses have the best optical quality of conventionally produced lenses, they are not recommended for rugged activities because they are more likely to shatter on impact than lenses made of polycarbonate or other materials.

How To Choose The Sunglasses?

When talking about sports sunglasses, let us talk about the tint first and how they can be applied. Each tint allows you to see a different part of the color spectrum. Some glasses may be great for golf and will allow you to see the subtle changes in the direction of the ball. Some tints may also be suited for seeing a bird in the sky when preparing for pigeon-hunting. Also, multi-feature sunglasses are available in the market which allows you to apply a variety of tints to your sunglasses.

What Are The Changing Trends In Performance Eyewear?

  • A changeable lens system allows you to install a dark lens for sunny conditions, and lear lens for darker conditions in a forest or during hiking. Prescription sports glasses which are for sale provide protection against rogue objects.

  • Light and durable materials used for the frame keep it in shape even when it is under stress.

  • Sports glasses are becoming much sleeker and performance oriented.

  • Polarized lenses for glare reduction and better contrast, especially on the water.

  • Rubber nose-pads and grips that keep your glasses fixed in position.

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