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Posted by Justin Roy on March 20th, 2019

The Duramax injectors are manufactured by none other than General Motors, that later got the name Duramax. Released for the very first time in 2001, he 6.6 litre Duramax was one of the finest diesel engine design used in trucks, a joint venture between ISUZU & General Motors. In 2001, Chevrolet and GMC trucks were the first one to have duramax engine. Such a powerful engine needs powerful injectors too. But 2001 duramax injectors are quite sensitive to impurities and contamination, which is why it requires regular maintenance. If not regularly maintained, then you can face a number of issues ranging from black smoke and power shortage to engine failures.

How to Troubleshoot Duramax Injector Problems

Identifying problems in 2001 chevy duramax injectors is quite challenging and requires an expert to diagnose the balance rate of the injectors. Balance rate reports with plus (+) sign indicates that injectors are using more fuel than average and minus (-) sign indicates that injectors are using less fuel than average.

 Instructions for Injector Replacement:

Internet is flooded with duramax injector replacement instructions; however, following the incorrect process can do more harm than good and can degrade the performance of the vehicle. Before you follow any instructions, it’s important to learn about the key parts.

Key Parts Around Injectors:

 Before replacement, you should be familiar with the parts of the duramax engine before locating the injectors. These are: - drain valves,coolant,AC condenser, water thermostat and fuel injection control module

Steps to Replace Duramax Injector:

  1. Locate the drain valve and drain till the last drop of the coolant very carefully. This step is very important as it checks the coolant from flooding in to the combustion chamber while replacing the injectors.
  2. Then remove water thermostat, neck of the coolant and A/C condenser. If your water thermostats are too old to continue, then it’s the right time to replace them too.
  3. Remove fuel injection module and glow plug harness.
  4. Remove fuel injection keys but do not forget to remove the fuel lines before the removal of fuel injection keys and the residual liquid in the fuel lines to drain. Now you can remove fuel injector harness and the valve cover.
  5. After removing the lower valves cover, it’s time to remove the fuel return lines. Now you can finally locate the mighty duramax injectors. Use the pry-bar to pry the injector hold down. Now you can replace the old injector with a brand new duramax injector.

Note: - If it is your first time to open the hood of your chevy and you are under the impression of an internet guru, then it is not your time to replace the 2001 chevy duramax injector. Rather, call an expert to do the job for you.

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