Summary and Response

Posted by meldaresearch2019 on March 21st, 2019

In the essay, Children Need to Play, Not Compete, the author Jessica Statsky maintains that highly competitive sports played by adult standards such as Little League Baseball and Peewee Football are not suitable for children. That is especially those aged between six and twelve. According to her, these sports yield contrary results regarding the developing of children either as future players or fans. Besides, they can physically and mentally damage children.

One danger of such sports is that, they lead children into severe physical action for their growing bodies. For instance, if a 12-year-old child tries to throw a curve ball, he/she may put a lot of strain on the developing arms and shoulder muscles. Another of its danger is psychological. Children who take part in competitive sports do not enjoy sports since they are under the pressure of overzealous parents and coaches compelling them to win. This makes them nervous of disapproval by these significant people and may lose much of their self-esteem. Also, sports which require strong attack like tackle football deprive children of enjoyment of the game. They develop the anxiety of hurt. It is too scary for them to play and continue football.

Jessica is also of the concerned that about parents’ and coaches attitudes. This group tends to place high value on winning and do not consider playing sports in small age as an educational. They scream children and other times threaten the opponent team in unacceptable ways. She says that parents and coaches should get educated on viable ways to support children so that children can enjoy sports with regards their needs and abilities. She suggests for workshops where coaches could learn ways to make practice more fun and deal with irate parents.

The article concludes that only a few children benefit from competitive sports while most cannot. Children should have the right to play appropriate sports which suit them, their needs and abilities.

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