Reading The Holy Quran Is A Kind of Worship We Do For Allah

Posted by Jawed Iqbal on March 21st, 2019

Quran is the entire book which has been taught to our Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW by Allah SWT which then Muhammad SAW teaches to His companions. Quran Kareem is not the book like any other. It is a speech of Allah and the guide of life and death and what comes after. Reading Quran is the gateway of a successful life and leads the path to the Paradise. The houses in which Quran Pak has read shines on earth for Allah just like the stars shines for us in the sky. Quran Karim has hidden treasures inside it. This Glorious book has acquired all the knowledge about how and why this beautiful Universe has came into being. Allah has shown His signs in this beautiful book by teaching people through His book. Each letter of Quran will reward by 10 good deeds for the person who recites it. Quran has been the Beacon of Light towards each Muslim which turns guidance in every aspect of our lives.

Reading Quran is a kind of worship we do for Allah. Allah connects Himself with the person who recites it. Quran Pak entitles us to be the rememberers in front of Allah. The Quran has seven layers of meaning with each layer having seven other layers. Quran is like guardianship of Allah for us. We should recite Quran with its proper translation ad Tafseer so that we can understand it and if we go through it we will accomplish our lives with prosperity and success.

We should learn the correct meaning of Quran and should induce it to our kids too, so that we can up bring their lives in the light of seerah of our beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad Mustafa SAW. We should use Quran as the book of guidance.

Now a days it becomes very easy to learn Quran as we have many opportunities to recite AL Quran online we have many apps and websites with easy surfing from which we can not only recite Quran but also understand it through translations in different languages for Muslims in all around the world. We should not only read it but also understand it with proper tafseer so that the blessings of Allah showers upon us. Quran Pak has signs of Allah which reveals the secrets of Allah, presence of Allah and reasons to worship and love Him with all of our heart. So if we want to fill our Hearts with Noor of Allah SWT and want to get connected with Allah then being a good Muslim we all should not only recite Al Quran but also understand it with proper translation and tafseer.

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