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Posted by Winnie Melda on March 21st, 2019

The advantages of the incorporation of computer note taking in class cannot get overemphasized. These benefits can get summarized in terms of ease of encoding, retrieval and clarity of notes. For instance, there exist some students who have poor handwritings. Computer note-taking would help them take notes in a more organized fashion than they do by hand. In addition, the advantage of speed note taking will be realized. Some students are less careful and lose some of their books. Computers have a large memory that translate into a fact that, all notes will get placed in a standard folder that is easy to retrieve. In other words, the faster the students can transcribe lecture notes, the better the notes will be. That will pose an adorable effect on their eventual test scores.

If this project fails to get supported, it means that we fail to acknowledge the role of technology in learning. It is evident that there are students who have shortages in grammar particularly spelling, sentence structure, and punctuation use. Computer note-taking comes to their aid. The consequences of failure to its implementation are that, these students continue suffering from grammar shortages while the dire consequences are a failure since the instructor may not decipher their argument in tests.

Nevertheless, the proposed project suffers the limitations of funds to implements computer lessons in schools. There are need support computers in class since not all students can afford personal computers. In future, this project proposal suggests a more extensive research on the inclusion of e-learning and its benefits. In general, e-learning can be imperative as a supplement to the ordinary lessons. Students get a clear way path to add up on a topic learned earlier in class and clarify points not well taken.

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