The extreme patience of Prophet Job (Ayyub)

Posted by Alixa homi on March 21st, 2019

Allah (SWT) sent about one lac twenty four thousands of Messengers on the earth who left the mankind from ignorance into the light of faith. However, twenty five Prophets have described in the Holy Quran. They also can be found in another religious scriptures as well. All the Prophets were tested by Allah (SWT) in different ways. While the Prophet Job (Ayyub) was simultaneously faced several different Divine’s trials with prodigious patience and showed perseverance against the tough trials. God says about Job (Ayyub) that, “Certainly! We found Job the patient. How he slave was! Indeed, he was ever oft returning in repentance to Us.

Indeed Prophet Job (Ayyub) was the descendant of Prophet Noah (AS). Allah (SWT) granted him with immense wealth and possessions as well. But he never made arrogance on his wealth and health like the people of Aad.

Openly, the people of Aad were rewarded with the lushest Cape by Allah (SWT) such as extravagant agriculture areas, sufficiently of water, and its quiet getting reason and copious livestock. There were penchants in everywhere. Therefore, the relaxed way of life made Aad proud. They started shaping the haughtiest edifices to duel each other. The abundance of wealth and well-being put them into ignorance, and finally, Satan put them into unpardoned sin.
Certainly, they in full swing to symbol the most stunning idols in order to race and eventually fell in idol adoration. Thus, Allah (SWT) sent Prophet Hud to call them toward the Monotheism. Hud said, “O people! Worship only Allah (SWT) who is the real Lord”.

On the other hand, people of Aad ridiculed the teachings of Prophet Hud and called him as a falsifier. Undeniably, they were spoilt in their superiority in such a way that they were not ready to leave the idol worshiping. Prophet Hud told if they did not remove the idol worshiping, certainly they would ready to face the most horrible storm which would decay them bitter. Prophet Hud also warned them the Day of Resurrection when they would be accountable to Allah (SWT) that what they had done their conducts on the earth.

They completely disregarded the Day of Resurrection since they supposed that life just for once time. They asked how the bones could recollected even into complex form after absorption into the soil. They said, “We just have the life on the earth but nothing, so we are created and die! We are not supposed to be resurrected! Hud is just only a man who deceits regarding the man of God, however, we are not ready to have faith in his lessons”.

They also said, “O Hud! We identify your foolishness! Indeed you are abused by our idols because you abuse them.Consequently, Prophet Hud (AS) renounced from his people and turned to Allah (SWT) for final decision between him and them.

So, Allah (SWT) sent a black cloud and the Aad expected that cloud full with rain. Sharply, a cool draught gusted which removed the warmth of the day. They left their homes in joyfulness and calm underneath the bare blue. But, instead of getting blessing they met the plain cloudburst which continued seven nights and eight days. Their tall locks rutted into ash and their skins disjointed from their bodies. After ending the gale they were found in an overturned initial and as if they were hollow trunks of date palms.

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Thus Prophet Job loved Allah (SWT) so much that he accepted all the difficulties of tests without any complaint or pray for removing the difficulties but blessing. Once the group of angels were admiring regarding the patience of the Prophet Job (Ayyub) overhead of Satan. Satan could not bear the admiration of Prophet Job (Ayyub) from the angels. Thus, Satan determined to prove Job being disappointing from the Divine’s blessings.

Satan told God that Job (Ayyub) was the embodiment of patience because he had immense wealth and possessions as well. Allah (SWT) told Satan that Allah knows what Satan wanted. At that Allah (SWT) challenged Satan that in what ways he wanted to see Job (Ayyub) being a failure by putting in trials.

Thus God allowed Satan to put Job (Ayyub) whatever he wanted. So, Satan and his confederates demanded to put Job (Ayyub) away from his whole wealth. Allah (SWT) put Job (Ayyub) away from the whole wealth even a single coin. On the other hand, Prophet Job (Ayyub) did not show just little sign on his face because of the huge loss of wealth.

At seeing Job (Ayyub) more determined, Satan told Allah (SWT) that Job (Ayyub) had not shown distress as he hid that under his family gatherings. Then Allah (SWT) deprived to Prophet Job (Ayyub) to their children along with their buildings. The sudden death of his children could not compel Prophet Job (Ayyub) to complain the God but patience by approving the will of God.
This time, Satan disguised into old man and addressed Prophet Job (Ayyub) that he was not being granted with rewards as much as he had rights. Prophet Job (Ayyub) told that God bestows man and He (SWT) has the right to take back.

Satan claimed that Prophet Job (Ayyub) was the rich in health, so he was confident to regain the wealth and children as well. So, Prophet Job (Ayyub) had to face the fatal diseases, and his relatives as well as friends turned away from him due to revulsion. Only the one person obviously his wife did not leave him on his fate and cared for him a lot. Finding the good opportunity to astray the wife of Prophet Job (Ayyub), Satan told her to demand the youth days by Allah (SWT) persuading Job (Ayyub). At that, Prophet Job (Ayyub) told that he was ashamed to call the God for regaining his health. Prophet Job (Ayyub) also told her that if he ever regained the health he would beat her with hundred strokes.

His wife turned away and sought shelter elsewhere, but Job (Ayyub) did not complain but to beg for mercy.

“Verily! Suffering has seized me and You are the Most Merciful of all those who show mercy.” So, We removed the pain that was on him, and We renovated his lost family, and the like thereof along with them as a mercy from Ourselves and a Reminder for all who worship Us.”

Thus, Allah (SWT) granted Prophet Job (Ayyub) with rich health, abundant wealth and all his losing family. Indeed that was the reward of patience.

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