What Kind of Flooring Would Increase Your Home Value?

Posted by Rita H Peterson on March 22nd, 2019

There is no doubt in the fact that flooring is one of the things which the sellers specifically overlook when particularly bogged down with the overall complications of a home for sale.

However, let’s just be clear from the overall perspective according to which we can say that the flooring does matter.

In this case, the buyers would be walking away from the homes with bad flooring the same way they will be walking away from the homes which smell bad or may or may not be having a little to no beauty appeal.

However, there are certain kinds of flooring options which are helpful in increasing the home value more than the others like other hardwood carpeting, the real challenge would be in specifically selling an imperfect home which is known for a remodeling project that may be helpful in increasing the value and simultaneously also decreasing the value.

Another important part to see is that there are certain top flooring reports along with the scope to expert real estate to find out how to make the most informed decision about the overall flooring. However, this is exactly what you would be making your home’s floors.

What Floors Do Buyers Look For?

This needs to be seen that the hardwood flooring has long been one of the top choices for the buyers which remains in today’s market. However, according to the National Wood Flooring Association, it has been seen that 99% of the real estate agents are of the opinion that the homes with the hardwood are quite easy to sell.

And according to another recent study conducted by the National Association of Realtors, it was found that around 54% of the buyers were willing to pay for more homes which are specifically decked out in hardwood. And moreover, there are many buyers who would be relieved to specifically find that the hardwood over carpeting could not be equal. However, with the current trends which are gearing towards wood floors in rustic-chic applications.

Where Floors Matter Most in Value

We would need to see that not all the homes have to have that ideal flooring at all. There are definitely rooms where it would matter more than the others. And there are caves which explain that while the sellers can definitely get away with the carpeting in the bedrooms. The buyers would like to see that there are many hardwoods in the main areas which can be like the living rooms along with the hallways. We also need to see that consistency throughout the house which would really matter. And if you want Fort Collins flooring for yourself then you will be finding a lot of good options for you.   

Repairing the Hardwood Floors

It needs to be seen that the proper hardwood floor maintenance may considerably increase the value of the home. However, it needs to be seen that the completely redoing of the hardwood floor maintenance may considerably be helpful for increasing the overall home’s value.

However, it further becomes important to completely redo the hardwood floors in an expensive undertaking And it is advised that before making that kind of investment it would be preferable to work with a real estate agent for seeing that what can be done for treating the floors first.

And a combination of the quick fixes along with the conditioning might which there all it is to get antique floors which may give the feeling that they have just come from the sawmill.

However, it would be depending on the condition that the Murphy’s or any other floor conditioning which can go a very long way.

And at a bare minimum, there are certain ways to bring the hardwood floors up to code:
First of all, you would need to see that the floors are even and not in any way creaking or are individually damaged pieces which are repaired or replaced. It needs to be seen that the clean and treat worn floors give them a new sheen. And even a little bit of effort can go miles in making sure that the old floors do look brand new.

Conclusion: We all understand that flooring would be increasing the overall value of your home. However, what specifically needs to be seen is that it does play a very significant role in augmenting the charm of your home such as where floors matter most, repairing the hardwood floors.  

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