To build the new concept of interior design in Energy and Environmental Design

Posted by Amarnath on March 22nd, 2019

For the problems, I think the interior design is the new conceptual ideal for achievements of environmental protection and energy saving from the following aspects:

Change people's understanding of the concept, interior design content to true nature

It is time to correct people on the "design" misunderstanding. The true intent of the Interior design is more than just to look good, beautiful and add something, is not the carrier of the art more than the manifestation of the good designing idea, or the noble luxury class. The true intent of the designing services for the people at large to resolve the practical difficulties of the people, to make human life better, people with social, natural harmony. Should be designed to reflect one of the most natural, flexible, casual lifestyle, the flow between the civilian population, so that it reflects the people love bad people relatively easy. The significance of the design is practical, is that conservation is development, but is harmonious. Out of the public service for this purpose, all of the interior design can only be futile trifles. A designer should take on the social responsibility and understand the values ​​of awareness to environmental protection and energy saving great concept to promote temperance, moderation and limit the values.

Go flashy, simple, and original simple design

Going through downtown, the people I felt physically and mentally exhausted, and a simple, quiet environment is good to people to keep a clear mind and focus on those primaries, improve quality of life, useful, happy things. Modern people desire the peace and quiet of a calm, so to promote simple and designed to meet the needs of social development. Should be clear, simple interior design is not "simple design" Since its necessary to choose better designing, the principle of sufficient and practical, is the restraint of limited resources and materials to make full use of through the texture of the material, a perfect process and structure and the details of the deal to get a sense of beauty. The clean lines, simple and soft shape, pure materials, Smart sense of space is its main characteristic, showing a distinct rustic style. Thus, the simple designs is different from the decorative or addition design. Simple design emphasis is on effectiveness, is a celebration of the material substance and structure of the process inherent qualities of beauty, not the pursuit of luxury, do not rely on decorative.

Advocate the concept of local design

From the point of view of environmental protection and energy saving initiative of the local design is not merely the external manifestation, but it means that should be extended to all aspects of the international hotel designs, such as furnishings decorated, spatial processing localization of the indoor environment. Highlight local good hotel design is the simplicity of the regional characteristics of the Western Countries, pay attention to local materials, local conditions, to maximize the use of play to the characteristics of the local resources to create the indoor environment for the life of local people, no additional external decoration, do not deliberately seek new odd, expensive to maintain the natural qualities and comfortable, environmental protection and energy saving is self-evident.

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